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I am coming back,Merry Christmas!!

sorry everybody:

very busy recently,christmas is coming,wish you guys have a good life:

here is my christmas gift:

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Monday, September 6, 2010

There are some custom hats which seem to be made entirely from feathers. These feathers are placed over each other so that they overlap and give the hat a lacy look. You will discover that the design of these different custom hats provides the hat with the foundation for the different embellishments that will make the hat stand out. These embellishments make the hats look fabulous and combine elegance with beauty.

You can find these types of custom hats are prefect for any occasion. Sometimes these sport hats will be made in the Edwardian style. These hats can be adorned with satin ribbons that match the hat in stylish beauty. To highlight the feminine look to these custom hats you will find there are beautiful cabbage roses. The final twist to elegance is provided by a backdrop of Coque feathers.

The different new era hats that you can buy are available in different styles and colors. The materials which are used to make these hats are as varied as the hats themselves. As an example you will be able to find custom hats which are made from a material called Ramie.

This material is a Chinese grass which can be made into a fabric that is similar to that of Flax. Of course these are not the only types of custom hats that you will find women wearing. These will include hats that are made from straw, satin, wool and even sequins.

The different shapes and styles that you will see in the range of custom hats will allow you to see how these hat materials have provided a popular medium for the hats to gain the notice of people. You will find there are many different brands of custom hats that you can choose to buy.

You have the option of looking on the internet to find stores which can sell you these red bull caps . The main item that you should understand is that custom hats are expensive. For this reason if you are looking to buy one of these hats you should see about saving money until you are ready to buy your new hat

Once you have found a store that has a good supply of these custom hats you should make sure that your chosen hat type will look good on you. The best way to get this result is to look at the mirrors which can be found in these stores. You can then choose the way that you will take these hats of your home. After all why buy one hat when you can buy a few different custom hats.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Summer dinner that's light, seasonal and do-ahead

Light, in-season and make-ahead -- it's the trifecta for the perfect summer supper.
For this easy-to-prepare dish, thin slices of eggplant are baked until tender, then fashioned into rolls stuffed with delicately spiced couscous and tangy feta cheese.
The rolls can be prepared up to two days in advance, covered with plastic wrap and refrigerated. When ready to serve, remove the plastic, drizzle with marinara sauce and bake until heated through.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

2010 NFL Predictions:Washington Redskins

In the year 2009 have Washington Redskins a disappointing season of NFL Picks and faithful was in the capital of the nations are uneasy, after all fans of the Redskins are among the most loyal in the game Washington Redskins in 2010 will be directed by new head coach Mike Shanahan new quarterback Donovan McNabb, who arrived at how the Philadelphia Eagles in the NFC East Conference. Washington recently completed in the Division last season with a record of 4-12, were 6-8-2 against the spread is more on the betting account of a total of 9 times and 7 times less. The offense was very average team with Jason Campbell in the middle of an average of 312.5 yards per game, 22nd was in the NFL. The passing game was a little more than 218 yards per game, decent enough for 16 in the league. Redskins running back Clinton Portis has taken some years ago and has not fulfilled the expectations, but have to change things Portis joined his former manager in Denver, ranked 27th Redskins in the National Football League only 94.4 yards per game and 26 September in series, scoring 16 points per game.
The offense should be much better with the new procurement system proved to Shanahan, the coach of the Denver, where he was a great success must be because, in fact, they were probably the most prolific offense League franchise in its mandate. Santana Moss McNabb will be fast (902 yards on 09) to give the ball to throw too much and the need for the Redskins in the 3rd Receiver Devin Thomas and Malcolm years Kelly past us. Tight end Fred Davis led the team with six touchdown passes in 2009-10, but is still productive TE Chris Cooley all, all for the Redskins and the offensive line better with the first draft of Jammal Williams reach round game immediately.
Washington's defense was very good and in 2009 has allowed 319.7 yards per game, good for 10 in the league. He ranked ninth in the league give the defensive against pass a little over 207 yards per game and 18 in the NFL and scored 21 points, allowing the competition. There is talent on this side of football, I mean, a lot of talent with Albert Haynes worth and hold the defensive line, but it is the off-season training due to the fact the defense is not online education, which is favorable. Let Albert may have received with the program and a change of attitude that a lot of money. Andre may Maps (11 bags) in 2009 is run, a veteran defensive end, the jaw and linebacker London Fletcher of the best teams.
The secondary market is full of options for corner backs DeAngelo Hall first round and Carlos Rogers very good and very safe Laron Landry Rising Star. Believe it or not, Washington will win the NFC East based on 2010-11 with a record of 11-5.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Four Hottest NFL Jerseys You Should Know

NFL has gained a popular following in Australia, and more and more fans are in the market for their own NFL jersey. Here were the top selling NFL jerseys for the 2009 season.
#4 Drew Brees - New Orleans Saints
Super Bowl XLIV-winning Quarterback Drew Brees comes in at the number 4 spot in the top selling NFL jerseys of 2009. A four-time Pro Bowl selection, Brees lead the Saints to an upset win over Peyton Manning's Indianapolis Colts to win their first ever Super Bowl. Brees won the Super Bowl's MVP award in the process.
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#3 Troy Polamalu - Pittsburgh Steelers
A Californian native, the hard-hitting Polamalu ranked second in NFL jersey sales for the 2009 season, with his Steelers #43 jersey flying off the shelves. This is not Polamalu's only success off the field, as this highly marketable player has featured in numerous television commercials, as well as being on the cover of EA Sports Madden '10.
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#2 Peyton Manning - Indianapolis Colts
Another veteran Quarterback, Manning led the Indianapolis Colts all the way to Super Bowl XLIV only to falter at the last hurdle. Despite this, Manning was still the 3rd most popular jersey sold. He is arguably the NFL's most marketable players having appeared in numerous advertisements and promotions for the NFL's biggest sponsors.
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#1 Brett Favre - Minnesota Vikings
He may be knocking on the door of his 20th NFL season, but veteran Brett Favre still topped the jersey sales figures for the 2009 season according to Favre's first season as a Viking may not have ended in Super Bowl glory, but it still showed that a 40-year old could still compete with the best of them.
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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Summer Self Portraits-Yulia Gorodinski(six photos)

Though it wasn't too long ago that Eugene introduced us to the stunning self-portraits of Russia-born photographer Yulia Gorodinski, I couldn't help but want to share these new photos from her. I love the vintage feel to her photos, the way she highlights certain parts of her body, and her uninhibited style.
share to everyone who love summer,love world.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Travel World:Top 10 countries you must travel to

You really have to be a geography freak to know about these countries from the list. It’s irrelevant to us how recognized they are as countries but they surely look at themselves like that. Of course a special thanks to Wikipedia for the article’s research.
10. Vanuatu, 90% of Vanuatu people household and consume fish, and 80% are living in rural, isolated villages with their own gardens and food supplies. Scuba diving is a very popular tourist attraction here. Tsunamis are not a rare thing in Vanuatu, and earthquakes have a negative affect on the country’s economy.

9. Nauru, a former German Empire colony is also known as Pleasant Island of the South Pacific. The people of Nauru are collecting rain water during monsoon rains between November and February because they are very limited on natural fresh water. The most popular sport in this country is Australian rules football, and they have football league with seven teams.

8. Tuvalu, is a constitutional monarchy with Queen Elizabeth II as head of state. They don’t have regular military forces, and spend no money on defense. Tuvalu is the 4th smallest country in the world. The first inhabitants of the country were Polynesian people.

7. Comoros is African island nation in the Indian Ocean between Mozambique and Madagascar. The island is an old French colony, and today there is about 300 000 Comorians living in France. 98% of the population is Islamic.

6. Guernsey is under the responsibility of the United Kingdom but they don’t count as a part of the U.K, as well as the European Union. Guernsey is located in the English Channel on the coast of Normandy. They have complete autonomy over internal affairs, and they are discussing total independence from the British Crown.

5. Isle of Man, also known as Mann, is self-governing British Crown Dependency, with a location in the Irish Sea between the islands of Great Britain and Ireland. They are not a part of the European Union. Isle of Man economy is based on offshore banking and tourism. The island has been inhabited since before 6500 BC.

4. Tokelau, is a non-self-governing territory of New Zealand that consists of three islands. The name Tokelau is a Polynesian word that means “north wind”. The island has the smallest economy of any country in the world that makes them almost completely dependent on subsidies from New Zealand. 96% of the population is Christians and 57% of these are women.

3. Cook Islands, are a self-governing parliamentary democracy. With over 90 000 tourists per year, tourism is their far best industry and their leading element of the island economy, far ahead of offshore banking, marine, pearls and fruit exports. Cook Islands got named by the British navigator Captain James Cook when he arrived the islands in 1773.

2. Pitcairn Islands, officially named the Pitcairn, Henderson, Ducie and Oeno Islands, are a group of four volcanic islands that are formerly a British colony, the last remaining in the Pacific. The population’s language is a mix of English and Tahitian. In recent years the church has been closed because only 8 islanders have been visiting it regularly. There is only one Café and Bar on the island, and the Government Store is selling alcohol and cigarettes. They used to have moral strict laws which prohibited dancing, smoking and consummation of alcohol.

1. Nagorno-Karabakh Republic is the independent republic located between Armenia and Azerbaijan. Nagorno Karabakh is one of the most heavily mined regions of the former Soviet Union because of the 1991-1994 Nagorno-Karabakh War. They are still not recognized by any state, including Armenia. 95% of the population is Armenian, and the rest are Greeks and Kurds. Their tourism are basically directed to Armenians that live in Western countries.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Minor Leagues Baseball:Who is Next One?

Although his DIPS numbers look pretty good, has been Sergio Mitre gets to short stop and when he struck in his next start, can not get another chance.
Despite its depth is extremely thin at the moment has passed and the trade, I still have some options. I will be three different positions in this Article One of his minor league options, one of the options in the bullpen, and one to meet for options outside the organization. First comes your options AAA.
Ivan Nova - A very legitimate pitching prospect. After two dissapointing years in 2007 and 2008, he has finally broken out this year. He dominated AA and earned a promotion to Scranton. Nova got off to a great start there but has cooled off since then. Now his ERA is up to 4.93, his K/BB is only 1.50, and his FIP is 4.21. I'm happy they got him back from San Diego but I doubt he'll have an impact in the ML rotation this year. Also not on the 40 man roster, maybe he'll be an option in the bullpen this year.
Josh Towers - Already the ML veteran has been with three different AAA teams this year. He's spent most of his time in the Yankees and Rockies minor league systems. He was disastrous for the Rockies and, although his ERA looks good, he really hasn't been all that great for the Yankees either. The last time he had a good season was 2005. Obviously not the ideal option. Not on the 40 man roster so I'd be very surprised if they went to him.
George Kontos - Kontos is having another very nice year in the minor leagues. He's been in the Yankees system for a while now, since 2006 and has slowly marched up prospect lists. He's a controversial prospect but has overall been very succesful. He made AA hitters look silly early on in the year and got a promotion to Scranton after only 20.1 innings with an ERA of 3.66 and an FIP of 2.46. In Scranton he has fallen off a bit but still looks good. The biggest difference is that he is striking out less. He's probably not ready for the ML's yet but he's an option.
Zach Kroenke - Probably a longshot here. He started out his career as a starter but was moved to the bullpen early on. The lefty has been nothing short of incredible in AAA this year. He has a sub 1.00 ERA and an FIP of 3.64. So why do I mention a possible future setup man in this post? The Yankees have been stretching him out lately and he's made a couple of spot starts with impressive results. Just yesterday he threw five innings, giving up only 1 run, 2 hits, and a walk while striking out three. Something to consider.
Kei Igawa - We all know the Kei Igawa story. He has been completely incapable of handling the ML's but has dominated the lower levels of AAA and Japanese baseball. This year though, his dominance for Scranton has actually slipped. His ERA is up to 3.91 and his FIP is up to 4.43. He's been good there but not dominant anymore. They've invested a lot of money in him so he may get a shot. I don't have very high hopes for him though.
One other thing to note is that the long forgotton Ian Kennedy is making his way back from his aneurysm. He could be back in September and I imagine he'd bypass all these guys if they still need a starter then. That's a longer shot than even Kroenke though.

JellyFish:A beautyleg girl from china

her leg is perfect!
what if is my leg....

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Thursday, July 15, 2010

HOT:Blake Lively is So Sexy on Sherlock Holmes

Here’s Blake Lively at last night’s New York premiere of Sherlock Holmes. I can’t even imagine how cold she was - the whole Eastern corridor is in the midst of a huge cold front, and we’re getting lots of snow today and this weekend. I just checked - it’s hovering around 20 degrees Fahrenheit this morning in New York, so I can only imagine it was in the teens last night for the premiere. The men at the premiere were bundled up in scarves - meanwhile, Blake is prancing around in what basically amounts to a pair of panties and a lace chemise. She looks flawless, though. Great hair and makeup. Perhaps this look would have been better during a warmer season, though.

As many know, I’m a big fan of Blake Lively. I don’t watch Gossip Girl or anything, so I can’t really say I like her for whatever acting chops she has. I think my affection for her is that she’s one of the most interesting girls on the red carpet these days, and because I think she’s very, very pretty, albeit in a surgically altered way. Every day that I see Blake on a new red carpet, I’m happy. She’s likes to show off her T&A, as well as her legs - but rarely in a “look at me, I’m so sexy” Pamela Anderson way. Blake tries to be high fashion while she’s showing off her asset. I appreciate that. That being said, I think she should cover the hell up! I feel like her mom - but she’s seriously going to catch something if she doesn’t start wearing more clothes.

As far as the rest of the red carpet, everybody else at least made some concessions to the cold weather. Robert Downey Jr. wore a fabulous brown suit which looked great on him. Rachel McAdams opted for a strapless jumpsuit that was kind of blah. Jonny Lee Miller was there too! He looks amazing, and he was probably there to support his bestie Jude. Mark Strong is a total cueball now, but I still find him sexy. And Guy Ritchie’s date was his son with Madonna, Rocco. Rocco looked uncomfortable, which makes me feel for the poor kid.

Blake Lively at the New York premiere of ‘Sherlock Holmes’ on December 17, 2009. Also, photos of Robert Downey Jr., Jude Law, Mark Strong, Rachel McAdams, Jonny Lee Miller, Guy Ritchie and Rocco. Credit: WENN.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

MLB reflections over the All-Star break

baseball3Eighty-eighty games played and seventy-four more to go.  The Major League Baseball Season is at the All-Star break.  What have we learned? Let's start with the American League.
 Four of the fourteen teams are already done. They are so far behind the leaders that contending for a pennant win is a dream deferred until next year.  I call them the Dead Ducks.
Cleveland, Kansas City, Seattle and Baltimore are these dead ducks.  They will spend the rest of the season looking at new players, trading good ones to teams in the race and firing and hiring people.  Cleveland and Kansas City are in a division, AL Central, that looks like it could be close fight but these two  will not be involved.  Baltimore continues its downward plunge from a once proud franchise to a perennial also ran.  They were able to win only 29 games and are currently a peek, 27 games,  behind the leaders in their division.  They were predicted to be lousy but have exceeded all expectations.
But the biggest bust of the year has been the  Seattle Mariners  who were actually picked by many to  win the AL West because they had won 85 games last year.  With the addition of ace lefty, Cliff Lee, to go along with Felix Hernandez,  the signing of ex-Angel star Chone Figgins, a good bullpen from last year and potentially a top defense, the Mariners looked to be contenders.  But they went with two young catchers who are leading the league in passed balls and the pitching staff has thrown a league leading bunch of  wild pitches.  The defense has not lived up to expectations and the bullpen has been an out and out disaster.  Their record is 10-28 with thirteen blown saves.  The offense has been a miserable flameout. 
Ichiro has been the only consistent hitter.  Everyone else on the entire team is 35-50 points below their average.  Nobody can hit. It was recently announced that Stevie Wonder had been hired as the hitting coach for the second half.  Can't hurt.  The bullpen cannot get anyone out, have 13 blown saves and for some reason they keep starting Ryan Rowland-Smith with his stellar 1-9 record with a stingy 5.89 ERA.  He has only allowed 17 HR's in 84 innings.  Watching this team is like watching someone self-mutilate themselves with a dull knife. You may have guessed that this is or was  my favorite team.  This franchise is famous for developing players who go on to be stars on other teams. The Cub fans have nothing on us. The Mariners play ball like old people make love.  
Next are the two teams that I call Barely Above Water.  They are not totally out of it but would need a hot streak to contend.  Toronto is 44-45 and Oakland 43-46 at the break and would need to play at a .650 winning percentage in the second half to have any chance.  The odds are against these two.
The High Flyers are the eight teams near the top of their divisions.  In the weak AL West,  it would appear the Mariners gifted the pennant to Texas by giving up Cliff Lee last week but the L.A. Angels have been hot recently and are only 4.5 games back at the break.  In the Central, Chicago after a miserable start got hot, stayed hot, finished the last ten 9-1 and took over the lead of the division by a half game at the break after being behind by 9 games in early June.   Detroit and Minnesota are playing good ball.  It should be a fight to the finish between these three. 
The real High Flyers are all in the AL East where the Yankees are leading the surprising Tampa Bay squad who finished 8-2 the last ten games to remain only two back.  Boston has somehow stayed in the race despite a rash of injuries to key players.  One of these three will  be heading home without making the playoffs.  The wildcard winner will probably come out of this division.  Here are the standings at the break.
TEAM-------------W-----L-----PCT. ---GB-----
New York             56       32        .636         -
Tampa Bay          54       34       .614        2.0
Boston                   51        37       .580        5.0
Toronto                44       45       .494      12.5
Baltimore             29        59       .330       27.0

Chicago                49         38       .563      -
Detroit                  48        38        .558     .5
Minnesota           46        42        .523    3.5
Kansas City         39         49       .443    10.5
Cleveland             34         54      .386     15.5

Texas                     50        38       .568    -
 Los Angeles        47       44      .516      4.5
 Oakland               43        46      .483      7.5 
Seattle                    35         53      .398     15.0 

Friday, July 9, 2010

The Single Story of The Cincinnati Bengals On Joe's Blog

Cincinnati Bengals started their franchise in football as a professional member of the American Football League in the year 1968. He was a member before the merger that the two lines together in a league now known as the NFL. It began as a member of the Western Division FLA, and were then transferred to the AFC Central Division in 1970. In 2002, his last shot, the AFC North. They play their games at Paul Brown Stadium in Cincinnati and Marvin Lewis, owner and general manager, Mike Brown, head of the franchise lead.
Cincinnati Bengals history began when Paul Brown (founder), was Governor James A. Rhoades, as the state of Ohio believe needs a team of professionals seconds. Cincinnati was the site that divided the state into two, when it voted to support the professional football. During the 1930s and early 1940s have had the American Football League team called the Cincinnati Bengals, what Brown choose this name for his team in 1968. The zoo was also home to the rare white Bengal tiger, the assumption that the reason for their choice. Some people believe that Paul Brown had exactly the same color orange his team decided that his former team, the Cleveland Browns, in uniform, and he did this as an insult kind of model.
The hull design was simply the Bengals name in black letters on an orange background. This style was developed over a striped design that is very similar to those elected today. If Brown was fired model, which retained rights to the computer. This makes it easy for his new team at the turn of former teams like Cleveland Browns. They kept the same look to 1981, a new helmet, and a new uniform was implemented for the team. Brown was initially discouraged by the purchase because they were signed at the AFL. Although he was even informed that the team is a part of the merger with the NFL in the year 1970, the team created. Call Hamilton County faces difficulties in finding a new stadium Reds at home, needed the Cincinnati Bengals and a football field. This has created many complications for both teams, but eventually the problem was solved with the construction of a single plant on the banks of the river, which had been abandoned. The installation was scheduled for the end of the 1970 season and was rightly named Riverfront Stadium. The first season was held Nippert Stadium, currently home to the University of Cincinnati Bearcats. It ended with a record of 3-11, but it was the AFL Rookie of the Year Paul Robinson.
Once the merger is completed NFL Cleveland Browns moved to the AFC franchise that most of the AFL teams that joined the NFL was created. They were in the AFC Central with the Cincinnati Bengals, an immediate rivalry, which was triggered by the owner of the team placed created.
Paul Brown was as manager of the team, where he stayed for eight seasons. They moved to Riverfront Stadium 70, a stage with the Reds until 2000 was divided. They made the playoffs three times more than 70 years. In the 1980s, covers the history of the Cincinnati Bengals two Super Bowls, but unfortunately, because the title to the San Francisco 49ers any time. Paul Brown died in 1990, but the owner already had the control to his son, Mike Brown. It began a difficult part of the Cincinnati Bengals history in the light of losing seasons was 14. The team began to turn around in 2003, Marvin Lewis was hired to be head coach. For the first time in 15 years, in 2005 he returned to the playoffs. Since 2005, Cincinnati Bengals' history was not good, but 2009 is very promising, as their record of success and the most important games, the Bengals have won for this record.

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lead story: Good Hair, According to Chris Rock

Thanks to my friends at Palacinka and Bellasugar, I heard most a blistering infant flick that sounds aforementioned a must-see for some Afrobella. By Chris Rock? Really?

You heard correct — Chris Rock’s flick, beatific touchable, has entered rivalry at Sundance. It’s effort enthusiastic reviews, and according to the evidence, it sounds direful and exalting :
“When Chris Rock’s blackamoor, Lola, came up to him glaring and asked, “Daddy, how become I coiffe’t effect beatific touchable?” the bewildered endanger bound himself to gaming the ends of the connector and the depths of black gild to encounter discover who had place that discourse into his diminutive blackamoor’s nous!
Director Jeff Stilson’s camera followed the funnyman, and the conclusion is beatific touchable, a superbly insightful and diverting, still eery earnest, flick most individual mortal touchable gild.An exposé of endanger proportions that exclusive Chris Rock could plus hard, beatific touchable visits touchable salons and styling battles, subject laboratories, and Amerindic temples to explore the artefact black hairstyles effect the activities, pocketbooks, sexed relationships, and self-esteem of black grouping.”
And…. what conclusions does he entertainer patch impact the business and disagreeable to move his blackamoor’s depressing discourse of self-esteem?
“What he discovers is that black touchable is a bounteous activity that doesn’t ever morality the black accord and diminutive Lola’s discourse capableness substantially be caretaker than his noesis to impact her that the clog on crowning of her nous is nowhere nearby as essential as what is exclusive.”
substantially, substantially, substantially. Mr. Rock, I’m gonna domain you and your comely diminutive Lola to someone up with Afrobella, OK? And I’m gonna place this discover there correct today — I would fuck to discourse Chris Rock most this suppress! It sounds aforementioned something that’s been daylong complimentary.
Rock and his chief creator admiral excruciate impact on the cater in this AP discourse, which reveals what every black blackamoor knows, and what we’ve discussed on this here book instance and instance again — that the touchable abstract goes beyond wanting to encounter artefact ideals of attractiveness.
“It’s this full abstract most hold. That hold is not only, `I poverty albescent grouping to fuck me.’ It’s aforementioned, `I domain a employ. I poverty to advise nervy, and if I effect a hairstyle that is somewhat discouraging, that’s feat to kibosh me from agitated nervy,’” said admiral excruciate, chief creator of “beatific touchable”.
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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Focus on Worldcup 2010:Germany VS Spain

Germany will play against Spain on Wednesday in the semifinals of the FIFA World Cup 2010 in what will be a repeat of the UEFA Euro 2008 final between two teams.

Germany plays Argentina by four goals to nil to reach the semis, while Spain needed a late goal from David Villa to book a place against Paraguay in the last four teams tournament.

Both teams are fairly even game, but it seems that Germany's favorite after scoring convincing wins and a lightweight four goals in consecutive games against England and Argentina, Spain, the change has made won their last two games and scored one goal in each.

Joachim L枚w has shown that Germany believes that Spain is much more dangerous than Argentina because of their playing style he has said that Spain, the concept to success and teamwork rather that the individual qualities.

Low also said that during the last two or three years, Spain has made a remarkable consistency are different than the opposition. The manager of 50 years the German national team, said that Spain is no error in contrast to Argentina and England, also had the audacity to say that Spain has four fifty-six players as good as Messi, the players, the game can decide on its own are in the third attack.

He said that because Spain has very few mistakes in attack and defense, Germany must work harder to get more power, Spain, to create such errors. Baja said, instead of the key battle, while taking the game between Schweinsteiger Khedira and Germany against Spain Iniesta and Xavi.

He said, Xavi and Iniesta like a well oiled machine, but Schweinsteiger and Khedira are as good as anybody. Spanish star Cesc Fabregas could be in the game, but your choice in the starting lineup is questionable, as the higher form Xavis Fabregass and injuries.

The Arsenal midfielder has already said he will be ready to play in the game, but must go through the pain barrier. While in Germany will be without their son, Thomas Mueller, who achieved three times so far in the tournament. Two of his goals had been scored against England and the youngest in the quarterfinal against Argentina. Muller received a second yellow card in five games he has played in Germany World Cup will be suspended for this game.

Germany is likely to miss their targets. Sami Khedira and tend to his injured leg, which was captured by the German defenses before the game against Argentina, but retains the hope that under his midfield is young men, however.

Baja has indicated that may appear Toni Kroos and Piotr Trochowski in place of M眉ller in the German right wing. Spain manager Vicente Del Bosque has also delivered quite how his admiration for the Germans.

He said that his team will play fast attacking football, they are famous for what it does mean that the party was an open attack.
Fernando Torres injury is a problem before the game in Spanish, was not impressed with the Liverpool striker so far, but Vicente Del Bosque will be with the young striker in the hope that some can save its form can be affected.

Towers from Liverpool team-mate, Spain's second choice goalkeeper Pepe Reina said the Spanish players are on the verge of realization of a dream in the final of the World Cup and play to win. He said there have is the dream of every child and Spain are just two games from complete.

Both teams have been a constructive means of attacking football that the game can be expected to be strong, where fans can see more goals.

Let's see it!

Monday, July 5, 2010

Katy Perry reveals how she tamed Russell Brand

The mystery of how famous lothario Russell Brand was finally tamed by Katy Perry has been uncovered - she made him wait for sex.
The fiery singer has revealed she turned down the British comedian - who she said was basically a 'professional prostitute' before he embraced monogamy - on the night they met.
She boldly told him 'You've met your match m***** f*****' as she threw a plastic water bottle at him at their first meeting.
Katy Perry
Defiant: Katy Perry believes she won over Russell Brand because she didn't give him what he wanted on a platter
The pair hit it off instantly, Perry said in an interview with Esquire magazine, and went clubbing together that night. 
But when Brand assumed he would be taking the songstress home, he was in for a surprise when she refused him.
'Can you imagine the horrible feeling he had when he was used to getting everything he wanted?' she told the magazine.
Katy Perry
Headstrong: Perry said she and her fiancé were the perfect match, as they were both larger than life
Katy Perry
Raunchy: Perry posed in a series of provocative shots for Esquire magazine
She demanded that he take her on a date, and the romance blossomed from there. A week later, the pair were holidaying in Thailand.
Posing for a series of raunchy photographs for the magazine, the 25-year-old said she has reformed the former sex addict, who according to rumours used to sleep with up to 80 women a month.
'He was a heroin addict and now he's not. He was addicted to all kinds of things and now he's not. And he basically used to be a professional prostitute and now he's not,' she said.
'So he's an extremist, which can be both good and bad.'
'I always needed someone stronger than me and I am, like, a f****** strong elephant of a woman.'
'I say that hopefully in the humblest way I can. When we have an argument he knows I'm not just gonna throw my hands up and say, 'okay, you win.'
'Let's get into it. Let's start debating. Let's wrestle, Russell.'
Perfect match: Brand and Kerry announced their engagement in January after a whirlwind romance
Perfect match: Brand and Kerry announced their engagement in January after a whirlwind romance
And if he wasn't already won over, she further enticed the football fan by donning a West Ham basque and pair of hot pants with 'Rusty' on the back.
Katy Perry
Perry said she had got through to Brand's 'deep layer'.
'I always like hitting that deep spot, and I knew that West Ham was a deep spot for Russell,' she said.
Perry, who will wed the Get Him To The Greek star in a lavish October wedding, also revealed details of their engagement for the first time.
Brand got down on one knee in Jaipur, India, and had organised fireworks, roses, and even an elephant.
'Russell had a little turban on and we got into a horse and carriage which took us to this tent made out of tens of thousands of roses.
'Inside there was a stage show featuring dancers. Just before midnight, an elephant turned up. A painted elephant.'
'We rode to another part of the hotel and watched the fireworks.'
Perry said the pair were incredibly similar.
'We're both larger than life. We're kind of cartoony.'
Perry is currently celebrating her single California Gurls reaching the Number One spot, while Brand has been receiving good reviews for his latest acting role.
Katy Perry

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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Women Love Sports Jerseys More and More

For generations, there was a perception that men have an exclusive franchise of sports fandom. We see images of guys sitting at home just for advertising their television, rooting for their favorite team, or sitting in sports bars, staring at the television over the bar. Sports commentators are almost exclusively men, and the first woman journalist has created an interview in a dressing room a huge controversy.
Well, times have changed. Women are also sports fans and women's sports fans are so enthusiastic about your favorite NFL, MLB, NHL and NBA than boys. As men and women, his enthusiasm for wearing T-shirts with numbers and names of their favorite decorated to express.
Historically, however, were women, the T-shirts was forced to settle for big men, and cuts. The result? Far from a trend.
Luckily for the female fans, NFL, MLB, NHL, NBA started to sit up and take note of the recognition that women are a large part of their fan base. They also found that women jerseys that reflect women are for the enthusiasm for the sport, but also a feminine touch.
Increasingly women are sports fans are a series of folders designed with women in mind. Today, women have a pink shirt, shirt shirt dynamic mode or find a shiny shirt from virtually any device NFL, MLB, NHL and NBA.
About the package of clothing for women in sport is the actress Alyssa Milano, has for his role in the WB Charmed and his love for baseball. Alyssa Milano not only known season tickets to the Dodgers in Los Angeles, but it also has its own MLB Blog. On the other hand, went to the next level and designed a number of MLB apparel for women Called. Touch , her fashion line features fan who radiates femininity.
For example, the touch printed the white woman tank cross with a bra with a logo in the middle of the chest. The scoop back features criss-cross straps that give the top its feminine appeal. His baseball jerseys are tradition with a hint: the white body and 3/4-length sleeves can be old school, but the information rouching hem on the left and is now clean. Alyssa Milano Spaghetti advantages rope over his shoulders, while his sweater with short sleeves with a zipper, contrast stitching, and team logo at lower left hem. Other short-sleeve shirts with stripes accent lighting.
There is no doubt that the importance of Ladies a dive made in the world of sport. Storm Replica shirts, jerseys, jerseys fashion pink and bright-band T-Shirts given to celebrate the female fans something!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

My Dream: HEICO SPORTIV Volvo C30,She's Pretty!

2010 HEICO SPORTIV Volvo C30 1.6D DRIVe - Duo View
Volvo tuner HEICO SPORTIV has unveiled the new tuning program for the new 2010 Volvo C30 1.6D DRIVe Facelift. The reprogramming of the original engine control unit generates a maximum power of 92 kW/125 bhp (for the 80 kW/109 bhp model) and maximum torque of 280 Nm (240 Nm). As a result, the Volvo C30 1.6D DRIVe does zero to 100 km/h in just 9.2 seconds, beating its series-produced counterpart by 2.1 seconds! A maximum speed of 200 km/h is also attainable, 10 km/h faster than the series version.
2010 HEICO SPORTIV Volvo C30 1.6D DRIVe - Front Side View2010 HEICO SPORTIV Volvo C30 1.6D DRIVe - Rear Side View
The HEICO SPORTIV Volvo C30 1.6D DRIVe features a remodeled design elements at the front and rear. The HEICO SPORTIV front spoiler – which replaces the original lower base section of the bumper – consists of fiber-strengthened polyurethane and is fixed using the existing anchorage points. The same applies to the rear valence which mimics the front spoiler’s laterally arranged air vents and has a centrally placed diffuser element. The rear valence serves to accommodate the HEICO SPORTIV four pipe stainless steel exhaust system.
The Volvo C30 1.6D DRIVe is available from HEICO SPORTIV with a starting price tag of ca. EUR 29,900; the parts will naturally also be deliverable individually from spring 2010.

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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

New Style of Miley Cyrus Is Too Sexy

Miley Cyrus, only 17 years old, is the latest teen queen to undergo a controversial makeover and transform from a Disney good girl to sizzling sex pot.

The Hannah Montana star has recently been squeezing into scandalous barely-there stage outfits while promoting her new album Can’t Be Tamed, and the skimpy cut-out dress she wore at the MuchMusic Awards on Sunday night has added to the mounting concern that she is growing up too fast. has tracked Miley’s transformation from a squeaky clean tween to raunchy rock star.

PHOTOS: Miley Cyrus’ Good Girl Gone Bad Transformation

In early 2006, Cyrus was a fresh-faced teenager who opted for jeans, cute tops, and long dresses. By the summer however, Miley began to show some signs of her future daredevil dressing.

PHOTOS: A Month Of Miley’s Untamed Style

On a June 2006 red carpet, she raised the hemline of her clothes a few inches, stepping out in a still-youthful mini dress paired with tall brown boots. The next month at the Monster House premiere, she went a step further by flaunting her midriff in a sheer tank top.

PHOTOS: Miley Cyrus Flaunts Another Racy Outfit

By the end of 2006, Miley was in full glamour model mode, constantly showing up to events in short cocktail dresses that hugged her new womanly curves.

PHOTOS: Miley Cyrus Goes Girl Crazy In Madrid

Over the past year, Miley’s fashion motto has been “less is more,” as she fills her wardrobe with tiny booty shorts, courageous cutouts, and skin-tight leather. On her current Can’t Be Tamed tour, Cyrus’ stage outfits continue to push the envelope on flesh-baring fashion.

My Analysis of Detroit Lions NFL Draft 2010

1st Round (#2) DT Ndamukong Suh, Nebraska
Key Player(s) Passed On: OT Russell Okung, DT Gerald McCoy
Analysis: Every NFL team that has a top 10 overall selection hopes to pick an impact player with terrific talent, character and work ethic. Detroit found such a player in Suh. The Lions could not stop the run or the pass last season and the former Nebraska great is a major building block for their defense. Suh has a chance to be like Albert Haynesworth (with a better work ethic and less problems off of the field) in Jim Schwartz's defense. PFDN rated Suh slightly higher than Gerald McCoy and Russell Okung. The Lions could use a young, standout left tackle to protect Matthew Stafford. However, the last Super Bowl winner that had a top 5 overall draft pick at left tackle was the Baltimore Ravens in 2001 (Jonathan Ogden). The Lions made the right choice with Ndamukong Suh.
1st Round (#30) RB Jahvid Best, Cal
Key Player(s) Passed On:DE Jerry Hughes
Analysis: Kevin Smith was a pedestrian running back last season (747 yards, 3.4 yards per carry and 4 touchdowns) before tearing his acl late in the year. There is no doubt that the Lions could use an explosive running back. Jahvid Best has terrific speed, quickness and vision, but may not be able to handle enough carries to be a lead back. He had his share of injuries (hip, elbow, foot, 2 concussions back-to-back in 2009) in college to make his durability a legitimate concern. Best has a small frame, narrow hips and fairly long legs for his size. He may have weighed 199 pounds at the scouting combine, but he does not look like he is built to carry the ball 12-15 times a game plus catch the ball out of the backfield. Detroit will find out soon enough if he can handle this because Kevin Smith's knee will likely not be ready in the early part of the season. If Best proves to be no more than a change of pace back who primarily catches passes and returns kicks then the Lions would have been better off drafting a pass rusher like Jerry Hughes. Detroit signed Kyle Vanden Bosch, but he is 31 and the team had only 26 sacks last season. Hughes is a talented pass rusher and Detroit will not return to the playoffs until their defense becomes formidable.
3rd Round (#66) CB Amari Spievey, Iowa
Key Player (s) Passed On:OG Jon Asamoah, OG/OT John Jerry
Analysis: One of the main reasons the Lions have been so bad for so long is they do not win the battle at the line of scrimmage on either side of the ball. Spievey is physical, but has average speed. He has a chance to start early in Detroit because the Lions are weak and thin in the secondary. Spievey was not a poor choice, but the Lions may have been better off shoring up their offensive line. Detroit is average at guard with Rob Sims and Stephen Peterman. Jon Asamoah and John Jerry both could have upgraded the talent of the Detroit offensive line.
4th Round (#128) OT Jason Fox, Miami
Key Player(s) Passed On:DE Ricky Sapp
Analysis: We thought this was Detroit's best value selection. Fox needs some time to gain more strength, but has the toughness, competitiveness and technique to start at left tackle in a couple of seasons. The Lions may have found their future left tackle with a 4th round selection. When a franchise hits on their high picks and finds solid starters later in the draft, good things start to happen. Detroit was wise to pass on Ricky Sapp. He may not have enough power or leverage to play defensive end in the NFL.
7th Round (#213) DE Willie Young, North Carolina State
Key Player(s) Passed On:OT Kyle Calloway
Analysis: Young was a solid selection at this point because he has some pass rush tools. He needs a lot of work defending the run and his overall technique is just average. Young may be able to help the Lions with further development as a situational pass rusher. Kyle Calloway also would have been a fine selection and is a more fundamentally sound player than Young.
7th Round (#255) WR Tim Toone, Weber State
Key Player(s) Passed On:RB Lonyae Miller
Analysis: Toone was a productive, but small slot receiver and kick returner at Weber State. What does his selection say about how disappointed the Lions are in last year's 3rd round pick, slot receiver/kick returner, Derrick Williams? Toone will battle Williams to see who makes the bigger impact on special teams. Lonyae Miller has a fine combination of size and speed. He backed up Ryan Mathews at Fresno State in 2009 and we were surprised that he was not drafted earlier. We thought Miller has a better chance of surprising to the upside than Toone does.
Bottom Line: The Lions are doing a better job in the draft and this will eventually translate into a much-improved record. Suh was a no-brainer selection with the 2nd pick in the draft, but given the Lions track record, nothing should be taken for granted. Jahvid Best is an exciting running back who hopefully is more durable and tougher than we suspect. Detroit did not select a really promising pass rusher or find enough offensive line help, in our view. Best needs to be explosive and handle 200-250 carries a season for this draft to be considered a major success.
Grade: B

Monday, June 21, 2010

Which Team is the Most Dangerous Contenders For The Soccer Worldcup

The national team of Brazil has its own name against five World Cup soccer tournaments after the only team that has participated in 19 games. With statistics like these, no wonder they are regarded as one of the favorites for the World Cup in South Africa 2010.
Brazil hosted the World Cup in 1950, the devastation they have been in the final against Uruguay ended crushed. As a confirmation of his disappointment, the Brazilian soccer team has never used white football jerseys this year. In 1958 in Sweden to win the first team to the World Cup in another continent.
The ultimate performance of the football team of Brazil was the 1970 World Cup in Mexico, where he earned his third victory in World Cup football. Unfortunately, this would continue until victory in the U.S. 1994 World Cup.
In 1998, France in World Cup football, a place once again as a favorite, but this is not the case of the infamous story of Ronaldo at the top of all the attention. But in 2002, after Ronaldo was acquitted, was forgotten in the Korea / Japan World Cup soccer and the new Brazilian soccer team to the challenge and won the championship.
The Brazilian soccer team is solid and has a penetration rate of talent. With Spain, are back to win place in 2010 in South Africa to World Cup favorites for the Jules Rimet trophy.
It is very difficult to highlight some of the players of the Brazilian soccer jerseys, full of talent. But during the football season in Brazil in 2009, a few stories stood out from the crowd. For starters, goalkeeper Julio Cesar traffic, which has played in 18 World Cup tournaments.
His hands are of course still an essential element for the success of the team. Kaka proved to be a source of inspiration for the Brazilian national football team after his performance during the fabulous 2009 season of football in Brazil, that his complaint be held worthy of the Golden Ball from adidas. And, of course, Luis Fabiano world-class performance with five goals, including a valuable support to their defeat in the U.S. and scored 9 goals in World Cup football to their name.
31st October 1963 in Uji, Brazil, Carlos Caetano Verri Bledorn (better known as Dunga known) is no stranger to soccer in Brazil. As a mid fielder intense and powerful that Dunga has had its share of emotions as a Football Player of the Brazilian team. At age 30, captain of the team to victory in the U.S. World Cup 1994th
After six years of retirement, took over the responsibility as a coach Dunga of Brazil's soccer club in August 2006, despite his bad experiences coaching. In its first few months has received a lot of negativity, as a result of alternative style. However, it has a large part of the reserve, as he led a Canarinhos to glory in the Copa America 2007 and Confederations Cup 2009 and will top their group in South Africa 2010 World Cup qualifying games have been. Dunga has reiterated that he will retire after this season, said, so we'll see what comes of it, and that his successor. Someone is speculation at this time.
- The World Cup 2010 in South Africa crystallized the Brazilian football team 19th successive World Cup final World Cup are the only countries that took place at all football games of the World Cup.
- Brazil is proud to be the only country that Jules Rimet Cup hold five times: 1958, 1962, 1970, 1994 and 2002. In his 92 games played, 64 wins, 14 defeats and 14 draws.
- During the 15th June 2008 and 11 October 2009 is equal to the national team of Brazil, of 19 without defeat.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Bad fathers and little me

My father and little me, in the brief before.s&k
Of all the generations, the parents all of the emotional dimensions of good intentions and say, have helpful, hopeless, and degraded decent, good and bad.
All products are of her own childhood, good and bad. It is a mystery how to overcome some, while others, such as chaos in the next generation.
 A friend, father and daughter today.

Father's Day in my childhood was not celebrated with love, but the irony. Life with Father was a nightmare. It was a bi-polar self, angry drunk, insulting. Hallmark cards for those who do not.

If only. suggestive allusion was a preferred mode of communication. Winner obscenity others. A nod, a glance, a touch increases to the chest, a pinch of a slow process, on a soft ground.

Yes, you wind. Imagine how it felt to be a lot of attention. Image of a child, desperate father's love and recognition, without knowing it, what more of the same. An innocent peasants, a boy, manipulated into participating in a twisted behavior of adults.

Cue pictures of Vanity Fair Miley and Billy Ray Cyrus.

No, I do not blame Billy Ray Cyrus of child abuse. But what happened, what he did, came dangerously close to abuse.

My mother and father. similar pose, an opposite effect. All the love, not sex.

Every time I see 15 years photos from Miley and her father, I gag. And I want to know where her father, Miley has done everything to be topless and wrapped in a sheet of a sudden solo?

Sorry, a 15-year-olds in a leaf?

Annie Leibovitz or not, these photos are not art, is the holding-posing nervousness. Some things are totally unacceptable ... mostly pictures of teenagers in the intimate photos with his father openly.

Do you and your father? Or your daughter? Would you like to travel with you, on or behind the camera? Would you like to allow - indeed encourage - semi-nude pictures of her teenage daughter, who has shone in all the media?

Of course not. But you're not a country singer with a gold mine for the next generation washed in the back pocket. What do you keep close to Waay-Achy Breaky Heart.

Miley Cyrus is a young girl in a company that creates, then more exposed sexpot teens chews and spits directly in the detoxification. been growing in his early youth the opportunity to have good conditions.

Now it is probably too late.

Instead of protecting its Miley's parents sold to the highest bidder - Vanity Fair - and dad came in the fun!

I Skeeve image Miley Billy. Not because I'm prudish. Not because of my past. Because these photos were intentionally sex father and daughter. And because the magazine Vanity Fair, Disney and Miley's parents decided to post it in this context.

Sex sells. Controversy sells. But. The message reads as follows ... Miley all emerging young in various stages of budding sexuality to act super cool sexy. Even with his father. Especially with his father. MAL.

Of course father hug and kiss their girls in all innocence, and many acts of love as in a number of family photos taken.

Nevertheless, few parents are willing to help, including consideration of the publication of photos that seem to celebrate Daddy's Little Ho

Look at this picture. And the rest of the magazine Vanity Fair. If, for example, or a normal father-teenage daughter for you? Yeesha.

And by the way, someone has to read the trouble, the article in Vanity Fair? Skeeve author, even by the Cyrus clan and frightening surprised by the maturity of Miley child-woman.

And he  told Vanity Fair, she tried to make Hannah Montana SATCteen tribute. This is not sex, she assured us, only friendship.

Sheet. Seriously. Sheet.

I am a certified baby-boomers (who invented the open sexuality, remember). But I draw the line on an observation of 15 years, which discuss a porn show for adults, intimate details of her sex life and participation in the soft core.

Neither Miley nor any other young person can understand or deal with the complexity of sexuality and adult relationships - they should not.

One wonders, Mama to see SATC with her? Did you know that daddy? What parents would be comfortable about it? A badly.

Our son has grown up in an open house to welcome all questions and answers. And with many hugs and kisses. But he and I would not sit comfortably viewed together before the television graphic sex scenes, not to ask how we were a.

Not that there's nothing wrong with having sex. He learned the value of sexual intimacy. But he has also taught him to value the importance of privacy, personal space and appropriate boundaries.

There are not cut a number of mothers and children. This line is more defined for fathers and daughters.

Our son also mature enough to 26 to explicit images of a 15-year-old concern, not sexy. Especially with his father.

His answer to the image: They look like ad posters Bad Touch  . Could not agree more.

Parents should educate their children about sex, but not for Show and Tell.

Sexuality in adolescence is not so crazy in this country. Billy Miley Cyrus pictures only make the issue more real way. And sad. Especially when child abuse is endemic.

I am not at all to this goal. But even if my color experience of my distaste for the behavior Cyrus a good reason. This was seen in public, raised and managed by a group of adults. Too suggestive of true evil lurks in the shadows.

No matter how innocent Billy and true account of the father-daughter Miley, believe me, the film adaptation of  Vanity Fair  and pictures are affected. And to stay with her. Not in the right direction.

There are worse parents Billy Ray Cyrus. Mine was one. Perhaps your. We read about the terrible every day. But Billy Ray the father of a girl with an enormous range and a strong influence on young minds is to impress. Including yours.


He should know better, we want better for her sexploitation. Certainly better than knowledge, to visit each other.

That is the lesson here. Father's Day is to celebrate love and respect. Difficult to give, unless Father, you gave it.

What my father goes wrong, the real story here is bad, you can decide for yourself ..