Sunday, August 8, 2010

2010 NFL Predictions:Washington Redskins

In the year 2009 have Washington Redskins a disappointing season of NFL Picks and faithful was in the capital of the nations are uneasy, after all fans of the Redskins are among the most loyal in the game Washington Redskins in 2010 will be directed by new head coach Mike Shanahan new quarterback Donovan McNabb, who arrived at how the Philadelphia Eagles in the NFC East Conference. Washington recently completed in the Division last season with a record of 4-12, were 6-8-2 against the spread is more on the betting account of a total of 9 times and 7 times less. The offense was very average team with Jason Campbell in the middle of an average of 312.5 yards per game, 22nd was in the NFL. The passing game was a little more than 218 yards per game, decent enough for 16 in the league. Redskins running back Clinton Portis has taken some years ago and has not fulfilled the expectations, but have to change things Portis joined his former manager in Denver, ranked 27th Redskins in the National Football League only 94.4 yards per game and 26 September in series, scoring 16 points per game.
The offense should be much better with the new procurement system proved to Shanahan, the coach of the Denver, where he was a great success must be because, in fact, they were probably the most prolific offense League franchise in its mandate. Santana Moss McNabb will be fast (902 yards on 09) to give the ball to throw too much and the need for the Redskins in the 3rd Receiver Devin Thomas and Malcolm years Kelly past us. Tight end Fred Davis led the team with six touchdown passes in 2009-10, but is still productive TE Chris Cooley all, all for the Redskins and the offensive line better with the first draft of Jammal Williams reach round game immediately.
Washington's defense was very good and in 2009 has allowed 319.7 yards per game, good for 10 in the league. He ranked ninth in the league give the defensive against pass a little over 207 yards per game and 18 in the NFL and scored 21 points, allowing the competition. There is talent on this side of football, I mean, a lot of talent with Albert Haynes worth and hold the defensive line, but it is the off-season training due to the fact the defense is not online education, which is favorable. Let Albert may have received with the program and a change of attitude that a lot of money. Andre may Maps (11 bags) in 2009 is run, a veteran defensive end, the jaw and linebacker London Fletcher of the best teams.
The secondary market is full of options for corner backs DeAngelo Hall first round and Carlos Rogers very good and very safe Laron Landry Rising Star. Believe it or not, Washington will win the NFC East based on 2010-11 with a record of 11-5.

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