Sunday, May 30, 2010

A guide to playing games at a Hen Night

Board games are an important part of the tradition of a bridal shower. There are many bridal shower games to play, making it increasingly difficult to choose the best. In search of hens night games, consider the personality of the guests who attend. For example, if the people would be more conservative, traditional games such as the ball or the treasure hunt properly.
The share of the ball, a fighting spirit of the party is available and distributed in one or more computers and have a ball from one person to another without using their hands, until the end of the line is reached.
A great way to build teamwork and bring together all as a group while having fun is the treasure hunt. The first thing you should do the owner is, for some objects to hide in the house and record some tracks what each element and where they may occur, is. Divide guests into teams and for those who come with all elements of reward.
On the other hand, games like never before, Truth or Dare or man should evaluate more open and ready for women playing in the party. I have never seen this type of game which is playing important if you were going. A person begins with the words  I have never ...  and comes with something they never did. If someone in the group has become a reality, they have something to drink.
A fun game for a hen night game, is the interest rate for the people. Every woman has the 1-10 cards, and must each child enters or leaves will be assessed through the door.
However, Truth or Dare is to play an all time favorite that will surely add some spice to the party because it can cause really funny moments.
Use your imagination and ask the right questions, you can find some really amazing to another guest.
There are many games out there, and most of them can be improved by the use of some additives, such as bachelorette dare cards, balloons and bracelets.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

BCBG opened its first outlet in the United Kingdom King's Road

Glamazon Good news! One of the most popular labels has worn StyleList luxurious colorful costumes by the likes of star Angelina Jolie, Nicole Richie and Rachel Bilson, BCBG Max Azria finally opened its first store in London this month in King's Road in Chelsea. In fact, last night saw the launch party for the store, Ben Grimes, Petra Ecclestone, Jameela Jamil, Francesca Versace and BCBG Max Azria and Masha Markova. 

Max Azria, the designer behind Herve light tread - the cult label shoehorns sole responsibility of the hottest celebrities in Hollywood dressing in her clothes - has opened its first store in Chelsea last year. So it was only a matter of time before more affordable line BCBG Max and honored our shores and boy, are we satisfied. T Line as  a blend of European elegance with the ease of life in America by Max describes so expect hot colorful silk dresses in a mini-rainbow, die sexy and acute adjustment accessories. 
To celebrate the opening, Masha Markova StyleList had exclusive access to the President of the Hluk (owner of BCBG and Herve light tread of shops in the UK) and Max Azria has a tendency to discuss the creation of new and exciting.  
It is logical, BCBG open in London because it is a city of great importance in the fashion,  said Markova, that the decision of the brand opened its first branch in the United Kingdom. And the brand is already a huge success in the U.S. and the UK, the range of resources BCBG is perfect for a shop in London. 
Masha photos for the spring / summer, bright mini-dresses. Photo courtesy of BCBG.

So what is etiquette on King's Road, as the choice of the access point dress rule?  It was only room for BCBG London - King's Road, Markova said.  We never even discussed a new location. This is a shopping destination by a series of population, but also a stone's throw from Sloane Street.  Given the slight kick Herve Leger Outlet There are also in Chelsea, SW3, and what is the zip code of the head at the BCBG fashion fix.With so much to free not to take a look at Markova spring BCBG collection of popular  
The bright mini-dresses are full of energy and fun. Only in record stores and more quickly than it can replace yours! And things just as exciting for the decline, with  layers, draping, a soft color palette and sophisticated touch,  Markova muses. It seems that we are in a colorful summer from a mild autumn in luxurious materials and modern design C followed without breaking the bank.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Bandage Dress In My Eyes

One of the fashion items most talked about at the moment is the bandage dress (also called Bodycon or body conscious). Many of the famous women became fan of the item and has been seen wearing it many times (Victoria Beckham is one of them!). Its tightness on the body makes a very curvy look that only women with great confidence on their shape can afford. It is also obvious the reason why they get so much attention: they are really sexy!

The main brand responsible for the trend is Herve Leger bandage dress. Their latest collection by designer Max Azria (Fall-2010) invested in neutral colors and, as always, sexyness in curvers:

It is also possible to find the item everywhere else like Chanel, Carlos Miele, Lisa Marie Fernandez, D&G, Versace and many others. Also high-street brands such as Topshop, Miss Selfriges, Zara made their own version of the trend (with a more accessible price!).

It must be said that you really must have a good figure to wear the style. Sometimes the dress helps to hide little imperfections, but slim legs are a must for a bodycon dress!

It is possible to complement the dress with other items like a jacket, tights, belts, bracelets, knit wears, leggings, etc. It can look good with certain high leg shoes, but most of the time I would choose a basic high heel to avoid the "over sexy".

Good taste and wear them in the right circumstances are very important for its elegance too! Obviously, it is not the dress to go to a bank or daily shopping! It is a dress for special occasions; mostly evening events!It is also possible to use the "bandage" or "bodycon" style not only on dresses, but also playsuits, skirts and pants. On the right side you can see Devon Akon in a bodycon playsuit by Herve Leger.

So if you have a special occasion which you want to look sexy and elegant, you know exactly where to go: body conscious!

Lots of Great Photographers in Fashion and Style

I am addicted to fashion photography! I must admit it is one of my main reasons to get expensive fashion magazines.

Fashion Photographers always try hard to experiment every way possible. They try with light, colors, shapes, movement and everything they can to get to the newest amazing image possible, which are going to mesmerize the viewers.

In such fascinating industry, to get respected and famous, you have to be surely good in what you are doing. Magazine editors are used to see the best of the best, so to get a publication, only the real outstanding in fashion photography can do.

Also an assiduous fashion magazine reader like myself do not get enthusiastic about every picture, so when I do to the point of even research about this photographer, is because we are talking about a special image.

So, here are some of those photographers that really impress me with their work.

Camilla Åkrans

She must be my favorite at the moment. It is incredible how Camilla makes an amazing picture out of nothing! I can see there are a lot of post-production with image manipulation in her work, but this is not easy to be done with such good taste as Camilla does. See, for example, this pictures published in the Numero magazine with the model Sasha Pivovarova:

The way the colors are worked on this pictures is just perfect! The burgundy with purple effect is really beautiful. On this other editorial you can see also a beautiful work with the colors:

It is really soft and as the main background is yellowish, the shadows are slightly purple, which makes a great contrast.
Here are some other beautiful pictures:

There you see how Camilla does not only work greatly with colors, but also with shadows and movement. I cannot get enough of her pictures!

Mariano Vivanco

Another great name from the new generation of fashion photographers is Mariano Vivanco. He is from Peru, as the famous photographer Mario Testino, and works for the biggest names in magazines. He seems to be getting bigger and bigger, and I could say that maybe he is going to be the new Testino in the future.

A lot of what fashion is about right now: beauty and freshness!

Miles Aldridge

English photographer Miles Aldridge does a kind of photography that makes me remember Lady Gaga style. This kind of surreal perfect horror-but-beautiful World is the hype of the moment. His pictures are most of the time really colorful and with eccentric subjects.

It is really eye catching, don't you think?

Sebastian Kim

He could not be any less than a great photographer: he used to watch the genius Richard Avedon! His pictures are mostly soft and with perfect post production. He also plays with the colors beautifully, but in my opinion his greatest talent is the shapy pictures:

Good taste. beautiful shapes and perfection are Sebastian Kim trade mark.

Sølve Sundsbø

He is one more photographer from the photoshop generation. The norwegian Sølve Sundsbø used to watch one of the British Vogue favorite photographers: Nick Night; and now he is a big hype in the fashion industry working for names such as Giorgio Armani, Givenchy, Gucci jewellery, Hermès, Lancôme, Estée Lauder, Yves Saint Laurent, Levis and Emanuel Ungaro. He also done many editorials for many of the important fashion magazines such as Another Man, Dazed and Confused, i-D, Japanese Vogue, Numero, Pop, Visionaire, V and W. Here are some of his work:

I would say Sølve uses technology for a great reason: making beautiful even more beautiful!

Yelena Yemchuk

She is an Ucranian photographer very famous for her work with the band Smashing Pumpkins (which she has done the art direction of the album Adore) and for her relationship with the singer Billy Corgan. Since then she became more and more famous in the fashion industry. During this decade she has done the photography for many Kenzo campaigns and also Very Wang and Christian Lacroix. Here some of her work:

Dark and feminine. Very good mix!

So after all, who of those artists of photography you think would be good enough to be the next Steven Meisel or Mario Testino?

Let's wait and see!

Monsoon Mount Fansipan, Play Station Pornography & Blind Mice

After making the accent to the final base camp on Fansipan, Vietnam's highest peak rising dramatically over Sa Pa, through a trail covered by a thick blanket of mist, shrouding the lush green trees and rocky mud flowing mountain streams with an errie "Blair Witch"/"Lord Of The Rings" veneer, I find myself shivering in the cold... A bare unforgiving wooden floor "supporting" my aching back, with nothing more than a few layers, a wafer thin sleeping bag and a few shots of rice wine inside me to keep me warm, monsoon rain hammers down relentlessly on the roof above as mice scamper past my head in the pitch black... 

The simple fact is that the night is utterly miserable... No amount of retrospective positive "New Labour" spin could ever distort my memory from the fact that this experience, in isolation, was anything other than bloody awful! 

The day in itself had been fantastic, heading off in the rain and fog with two French students who had been studying in Bangkok who I had met in the Sa Pa Tourist Office and a New Yorker who had hasily been added to our small group at the last minute by the 
hotel we had booked the guides through... 

But in a cold charmless cabin on the mountain, soaked to the bone, covered in mud, freezing and then the realisation that one of the people in our group was a total moron, whilst memorable, meant that the evening proved to be a challenge of patience and tolerance... Basically a nightmare! 

Our "extra" group member, a US Citizen, half Russian, half Norwegian, turned out to be a witless misoginist whose attitude to women seemed consistent with the tedious and boring gangsta rap that he so loved... No expert with women myself, especially with my recent track record, but even I know that the way to endear yourself to charming young Parisian girls is not to show them hardcore pornography when they enquire about your Portable Play Station... Or to repeatably ask where they are sleeping and insist with authority that all French girls are easy... I'm pretty bloody certain that this approach has never worked! 

Worse still, he is also apparently totally ignorant to the world that exists outside of his cretinous and primitive mind, making the maddening assumption that as a "guy" we are on the same level... 

"Ah, I think maybe we get some French kissing tonight, eh..." 

"Why don't you shut up." 

*What a Tool* 

It's rare evenings like this when for a moment you take a step outside from yourself, look down and wander what the fuck you are doing with your life! 

However, after finally reaching the summit and making the decent, through steep scattered rocks and streams, the satisfying reality that we made it to “the Roof of Indochina” kicks in and everything seems worth it... 

And that memory will beat any standard day at the office back home... Warts and all! 

Monday, May 24, 2010

Jordan VS Favre

Michael-Jordan is basketball's "God" in the world with millions of fans, but the first movement in the United States NFL Inside, there is a "Jordan" type of character, Brett-Faffe(Brett Favre)Two people in their movement similar position,Michael Jordan retired three times twice a comeback. After all,Jordan’s NBA jerseys sold better than Favre in NFL jerseys.

First, trace the Road Star Similarity index:4Star

Blazers1984In the NBA draft, the stupid choice of the Sam-Bowie, the Bulls are Ruyuan removed throughout Jordan. Be trapeze, the Bulls gradually to glory, from the1991Took the first-year NBA Title to the1998Two three consecutive years to complete the feat Bulls dynasty play up the song of victory, the Blazers are a thorn in the back, if, if, unfortunately in this world without regret to buy medicine, history will pioneer nailed shame.
Law Feuillu 1991 Joined NFL NBA draft until the second round33Pick Caibei Atlanta Falcons selected, however, is not optimistic about the future of Falcon's super quarterback, rookie season Faffe performance generally, but love of nightlife, often because of hangovers and late in training. After a season he was traded to wait to the Green Bay Packers, after the end of the deal, both teams will take a very different course. The first league 5 Season is1996 Season Faffe of absence for the Green Bay won the29In the Super Bowl. Falcon regret this for years, and Portland a "Yuan Fu," the two groups.

Second, competitive forces Similarity index:3Star

Than gold or silver, but this sentence does not apply to Michael Jordan, in particular, the dressed23Basketball jersey # god. Basketball court, the trapeze, impeccable skills, a set of elegance, power, art, improvisational ability in an outstanding athlete, he redefined NBA The meaning of a superstar, he is recognized as the world's greatest basketball player, not only in the era he lived in the whole NBA Jordan is the best in history.

Brett-Favre strong right arm arm strength and length are very accurate passing, and have a superb game reading ability, always able to indefinitely enlarge the opponent's weaknesses, opportunistic attack. Faffe is a qualified leader. Faffe pointed out that the reason for retirement is not physically unbearable NFL Intensity of competition, but the psychological feeling tired. But he is his outstanding year after year, day after day, starting every game, and keeps breaking the record of the League. He is NFL Sent the history of the most passing touchdowns quarterback, starting quarterback as the team won the most times led.

Third, honor Similarity index:4Star

Jordan from entering NBA The beginning and continue to create history in technology statistics are also difficult to reach so high for future generations, his career scoring the first history(30.1Point), Postseason history, scoring the first(33.4Point)Had 10 times as the regular season in scoring, steals three times to become the king. Won six times NBA Championship, won the final six MVP, Five regular season MVP, 14-time all-star lineup of the Year ten times selected, nine selected NBA Defensive first team, twice won the dunk contest champion, two Olympic champions. Michael Jordan Career27Times lore opponent, unprecedented, I am afraid no one will follow those up.

He played for Green Bay in this15Season, he led the team10Plays into the playoffs,3Times to obtain NFC Championship, the two broke into the Super Bowl. Faffe is NFL In the first three consecutive years MVP Players, 10 times All-Star Bowl (with the NBA Similar to the All-Star Game), three-time first team, the best Second Team three times, five times awarded the National League Division Player of the Year, a Super Bowl trophy. And almost broke Faffe NFL History of all the data on the quarterback, continuous 271 Unless a miracle starts with the record, this record will always be doomed to sleep in NFL The annals of history. Others include the number of successful passes, passing yardage total, touchdowns passing frequency of a number of records are created by the Act Eph.

Less than the average sports life 4 Years NFL, The law have stepped into the No. Front 19 A NFL Season, with fullness of life legend, is considered NFL One of the greatest players ever, has an ironclad in the retired Hall of Fame. Faffe in his long career, has refused to discuss the data with others, he always believed that no team success, and then dressed the data only on paper. Brett-Faffe not NFL The greatest quarterback in history, but is definitely NFL History, personality and most people respect the most clear-cut quarterback.

Brett Favre will continue on playing football

Minnesota Vikings Brett Favre was thinking to go on with his football Career. With so many people are waiting for his decision.It is hard for him to make a decision now. As he is old to play football. We are not sure how longer he will go on with this game, but the real thing he wants is very likely to be more money. He loves his Minnesota Vikings jerseys too. So that we know he will contune on playing his game,as there are two reasons below.
First,Vikings need him to lead the team
While the Minnesota Vikings said that they had enough patience to wait for Favre’s decision, their patience was actually used for the negotiation on contract modifying. Leading the Vikings to the playoffs last season, Favre proved what he could still do at age 40 and wanted the team to reconsider the original contract terms they signed during the 2009 offseason. However, as we know, heavy investment on an over-aged quarterback is extremely risky and both the quarterback and the team needs long enough time to reach something that is for both sides’ most possible benefits.
What’s odd here is that the Vikings still have two other quarterbacks available for a starting role even if the No. 4 Brett Favre jersey is not to be with the team for the 2010 season, but they still focus on Favre only. If the team really thinks Favre the best starting quarterback they could have, why are they hesitating to make more generous offer? Well, that’s the team’s logic to give less than they could afford unless they lose their advantages.
Second, Favre may want to win a Super Bowl before retirement
To our average people, turning forty year old could simply mean a prime time of our life, but to an NFL player, turning 40 year old is terrible and means that it’s time for you to quit from the stage and make up a new plan for a different life. However, Minnesota Vikings quarterback Favre wants to break that rule by winning a Super Bowl at 40.
During his nineteen years of NFL career with four different teams, Favre had managed to earn a lot of titles and honors, including eleven Pro Bowl selections, three First-team All-Pro selections, three second-team All-Pro selections, three AP NFL MVP titles, five NFC Player of the Year titles, two NFC champion titles and one Super Bowl champion title. He was also selected to the 1990s All-Decade team. However, it seems that Favre wants to retire with historical glory by winning a Super Bowl champion title again in his last NFL season. With that plan in mind, he did plan to retire after finishing the 2007 season with the Green Bay Packers as long as he and his team made it to Super Bowl.
Unfortunately, Favre and Packers was beaten by the New York Giants overtime in competition for NFC Championship. Before Favre made his own decision on whether carry out his retiring plan, the Packers traded him away to the New York Jets. On that point, it was actually the Packers betrayed Favre first before the quarterback betrayed Packers fans to put on Minnesota Vikings jerseys in 2009 offseason and beat his old team twice during the regular season.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

The End of Lost

Tonight, on Sunday May 23, 2010, LOST will come to a close.

Among all the hype surrounding the end of this show one thing needs to be remembered; it is only a television show, nothing more and nothing less. It shouldn't be held in the same regard as a major event in the life of a family member or a truly historic event in human history. At the same time, let's not undervalue the importance of storytelling whether on television, film, or in book.

Mankind loves storytelling. From Homer to Shakespeare to Hemmingway, telling each other stories has remained the most effective ways to deliver universal truths. Jesus Christ himself used parables to explain the nature of God and his Kingdom to the masses.

The commitment to storytelling is what made me a die hard LOST fan. Yes, the mysteries were enticing and the connections between characters were exciting, but they took a back seat to the characters and the over-arcing story. The characters on this show were just like me and everybody else I knew. They had great strengths and deep flaws. They were searching for purpose, redemption, reconciliation, forgiveness, love, and hope. It didn't matter that they were on some mystical island were people never aged and smoke monsters ran free; at the end of the day we were very similar.

In addition, the show has always been rooted in deep spirituality. One of the major themes has been "faith vs. science," which has been exemplified in the character of Jack Shepherd. The "science" was never about whether numbers and figures were absolute, but more about whether one should but their sole reliance on them. Likewise, "faith" was never about an abandon to the practical, but more about a willingness to given in to mystery and trust in "being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see.." (Hebrews 11:1) This debate is not new and LOST certainly didn't start it, and that's the point. We all have asked, in one fashion or another, are we people of science of faith? I believe that this has been one of the main reasons that LOST has remained such a presence in culture.

My admiration for LOST goes even a little deeper than the reasons above. The premiere was September 22, 2004, a date that many LOST fans commemorate by observing a day of remembrance for Oceanic 815. I moved to Chicago on June 1, 2004 and LOST played a very important part during my first year of Chicago. I suppose it's time to admit that I did not watch the pilot episode or the four episodes after it. At the time I was a Smallville fan and they aired against each other. This is my dark secret concerning LOST. When I did start watching it I was instantly hooked. My first year in Chicago was a bit of a hard one, full of transitions and, without being too dramatic, survival. Perhaps a story about a group of strangers coming together seemed familiar to me as I made new friends and was welcomed into new communities.

In my first meeting with a counselor while dealing with OCD I used an LOST based analogy to describe how I felt when I needed to fulfill a compulsion. In the second season the characters felt like they needed to "push the button" in the Dharma hatch to save the world. I often felt like that when I was struggling with a compulsion.

LOST has been on for six years and I great deal of things have happened in my life since the premiere. There has been great time of celebration and deep mourning. Relationship have started and ended. Friends have come and gone. While I don't seem my life through "LOST lenses" these events in my life have helped me relate to the characters on the island. This personal connection along with the entertaining and meaningful storytelling has made LOST my must see show for the last six years.

Forgive the pun, but I will not feel "lost" after the finale tonight. My guess is that I will be deeply satisfied and entertained by with the finale and I will very much enjoy the company of some other devoted Lost fans. We will laugh and maybe even cry (probably just me). Tomorrow I will talk about it with co-workers and I will think about it for the next week or so. In a few months I will purchase the final season on DVD and watch it over again. Ultimately, my life will go on because it is only a TV show.

The final destination for LOST for me will be that I will come back to it time and time again either to quote it, illustrate a point, or watch it with for the sake of enjoyment. Perhaps, in the future I will teach a class on it and it's deeper meanings. It will be held in the same regard as I hold the original Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Batman, and Superman. It is something that captures my imagination, entertains me, and compels me to ask big questions. This is what great storytelling does, and the world is a better place for it.

There will be one quote that I imagine that I will come back to more than others. Perhaps it is because it was said in the first season during my time of seeking community. Perhaps it is simply because it is true. But the words Jack said to the bickering survivors of Oceanic 815 are my go to LOST quote.

"If we can't live together—we're gonna die alone."
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Friday, May 21, 2010

Jennifer Love Her Herve Leger bandage dress

Jennifer posed in a Herve Leger bandage dress last night it seemed the 31-year-old actress was finally happy with her body.
The blue herve leger dress highlighted her hourglass shape, as she arrived for the Ghost Whisperer 100th Episode Party in Los Angeles.
Jennifer in her blue herve leger bandage dress

She looks pretty nice on herve leger bandage dress.She's such a beautiful woman and this blue dress really suits her much.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Joe:The Celebrity Fashion Finder

From Michelle Obama's 900£ Tom Binns necklace to Kate Moss' 800£ Herve leger bandage dress , we show you where to buy the style of the stars...

Kelly Brook's Herve Leger dress

The most beautiful women wearing a Herve leger dress by MAX,like it or not, the dress is very tighter-than-tight, Kelly Brook wore this dress to the British Comedy Awards and looked just incredible. And at almost £800 she ought to pay, it's from Herve Leger ( £800 ).
But you can find cheaper ones at, save 60%off,and free shiping.
Kelly Brook shows of her figure in £800 Herve Leger dress

Michelle Obama's necklace

The First Lady loves fashion,and she is a big fan of statement jewellery. We capture her nailing this season's trend for pearls in this Tom Binns necklace (£900, at a state dinner recently.

Luckily, this necklace has been copied by the High Street, so you can buy a similar one only £25.
First Lady of fashion: Michelle Obama wearing a £900 Tom Binns necklace

Top ten dresses of the past fifty years

BCBG by MAX has become one of the hottest names in fashion. With loyal following from young Hollywood, BCBG has dazzled the red carpet with fun, sexy, modern designs. Slip on a BCBG dress and make the streets your red carpet.

The "Herve Leger Dress" worn by the former Ginger Spice, Geri Halliwell, has topped a new poll to find the 10 Most Iconic Dresses of the last 50 years.
Halliwell, who wore the dress to the Brit Awards in 1997, captured 82% of the votes, narrowly edging out the runner-up, Liz Hurley and that dress (the Gianni Versace safety pin design), which the actress unveiled in 1994 at the London premiere of Four Weddings and a Funeral.

The white halter-neck dress, which Marilyn Monroe wore in The Seven Year Itch - famously blowing up to her waist as she stood over a subway vent - polled third, ahead of Audrey Hepburn’s Little Black Dress and pearls, from Breakfast at Tiffany's.
Other iconic ‘outfits’ included Kylie Minogue’s gold hot pants, worn in the Spinning Around video, 2000, and the "swan" dress, designed by Marjan Pejoski, which Björk wore to the 2001 Oscars.
The poll was conducted by the online fashion retailer,
Eve Atkins, founder of OffersSupermarket, said: “Everybody remembers the moment Geri Halliwell hit the stage in that Herve Leger dress. It made everybody watching the Brit Awards feel patriotic, plus she looked amazing. I was shocked to realise it was simply a tea towel sewn on to a basic dress, with no designer involved.”
The Top 10 most iconic dresses of the past 50 years:
1. Geri Halliwell – Herve Leger dress – 82%
2. Liz Hurley – Versace safety pin dress – 79%
3. Marilyn Monroe – White dress – 74%
4. Audrey Hepburn – Black dress and pearls in Breakfast at Tiffany’s – 67%
5. Lady Gaga – White outfit and wig worn to the Brit Awards – 63%
6. Diana, Princess of Wales – Wedding dress designed by The Emanuel’s – 58%
7. Kylie Minogue – Gold hot pants – 56%
8. Jennifer Lopez - Sheer green Versace dress worn to the Grammys – 53%
9. Björk - Swan dress worn to the Oscars – 49%
10. Cindy Crawford: Red Versace dress worn to the Oscars – 44%

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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

2010 NFL Super Bowl Champions, New Orleans needs you

Somebody say New Orleans, a place where eat, drink, suddenly become bright light, and this because of a team-- New Orleans Saints. Although New Orleans is the only one of small city have both NFL and NBA teams, it is not as crazy as people think.Although the Saints and Hornets have been unknown, they have won the favorite of the local fans. Of course, the reason may be the fans have no choice.

Saints after 43 years of hard work, finally asking for the moon. The first won the NFC championship , after a lapse of two weeks, then broke into the first Super Bowl championship team who can not get the record, will not unthinkable in the past to the 44th session of the United States Football League championship Super bowl in your hands. Now everything has changed, NFL Super Bowl Jerseys added the New Orleans saints’ jerseys. Magic Saints reborn, New Orleans has become a myth.

New Orleans, the significance of this victory is self-evident., This is for disaster recovery from Hurricane Katrina , the decisive victory of the Super Bowl has brought glory not only for the city, David and Goliath made New Orleans people confidence..

Saints running back Reggie 1 - Bush said: "The other team had ever won the Super Bowl, and our city need this title, which makes this championship so special."

Saints defender Hapoel said: "Everyone knows what New Orleans sufferedit also made the victory even more special. This victory, we are really looking forward to a long."

New Orleans Saints owner Tom Benson said: "New Orleans has come back, we have declared to the world!"

Monday, May 17, 2010

Marshall Drafted to Dolphins

How many do you know about 2010 NFL draft?If you already know something do you feel it is excited.

Yeah,the draft is almost over,many secret becomes known.

The Denver Broncos have traded wide receiver Brandon Marshall to the Miami Dolphins for second-round draft picks in 2010 and 2011, the Broncos announced Wednesday.

What number will Marshall wear of his jersey?We still dont know,but the Miami Dolphins jerseys is hot sale,become the best seller.

In acquiring Marshall, the Dolphins gained a deep threat at receiver to loosen up defenses for their potentially potent ground game and young, strong-armed quarterback Chad Henne. In return, the Broncos get two high draft picks for a player who caused them headaches in addition to making plays.

"It's good to be here, man," Marshall said as he mingled with fans at the Miami Heat's game against New Jersey. Last summer, Marshall was suspended by the team for throwing a tantrum at practice during training camp. The source of his frustration was twofold: he was upset with the team's medical staff for misdiagnosing a hip injury that required offseason surgery and he was displeased with his contract.

Despite those difficulties, Marshall caught 101 passes for 1,120 yards and 10 touchdowns last season, including an NFL-record 21 in a loss at Indianapolis. He has 327 career receptions for 4,019 yards and 25 touchdowns in four seasons, all in Denver, which drafted him out of Central Florida with a fourth-round pick in 2006.

Broncos coach Josh McDaniels told ESPN's Ed Werder that in a post-trade phone call with Marshall, he told the receiver that he enjoyed their time together, predicted success for him with the Dolphins and expressed regret that their own partnership could not be successful in the long term.

Marshall's departure leaves the Broncos with Jabar Gaffney, who had 54 catches for 732 yards and two TDs last season, as their top receiver. Eddie Royal caught 37 passes with no TDs and Brandon Stokley had 19 catches, four for TDs.

"I'm not quite sure how the future would have been if he was around and how it would have affected everything," Broncos tight end Daniel Graham said at an event at a Denver high school on Wednesday night.

In a little more than a year, with a pair of blockbuster trades, Denver has recouped two first-round picks, two second-round picks, a third-round pick and quarterback Kyle Orton in exchange for Jay Cutler and Marshall.

"We're going to miss what he brings to that football field," Graham said. "But we've got to move on. It's a business." Graham, who grew up in Denver, said he realizes a good portion of the team's fan base is upset that McDaniels has traded away Cutler and Marshall in successive offseasons.

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