Thursday, November 3, 2011

Top 5 Player Jerseys from the Cincinnati Bengals

What Cincinnati Bengal jerseys should fans be wearing this season? If you live outside of greater Cincinnati, there aren't many common, household names on the Bengal roster this fall—but, for fans ready to sport Bengal gear, there are a few player names that should be gracing the backs of those fan jerseys.

These past Bengal draft picks all have the potential to bring the glory days back to Paul Brown Stadium:

Andy Dalton(notes), #14. Stepping in as Carson Palmer's(notes) replacement in 2011, rookie Andy Dalton has settled into the role of Cincinnati Bengals quarterback. The fiery redhead is leading the offensive youth movement for the Bengals. While Dalton's potential was doubted by critics early on, he managed to post some early wins and may be a second-round draft pick gem. Dalton is earning fan respect and reviving life in "The Jungle." Fans should have no difficulty finding an Andy Dalton #14 jersey or Dalton scrimmage T-shirt.

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A.J. Green(notes), #18. Another rookie making a name for himself in Cincinnati is wide receiver A.J. Green. Size, speed and acrobatic catches make Green a fan favorite. Green gives fans a lot to be hopeful for—he leads rookies in touchdowns, receptions and receiving yards through the early 2011 season and is expected to be one of Dalton's primary competitors for Rookie of the Year honors. Both A.J. Green #18, jerseys and A.J. Green scrimmage T-shirts are available in sporting goods shops and online.

Leon Hall(notes), #29. Is Hall one of the best cornerbacks in the NFL? He led the Bengals in interceptions from 2007-2010. Bengal fans have come to expect Hall to make things happen for the defense-and since the durable Hall has played in every game through his first four seasons, fans are becoming familiar with Bengal jersey #29. A replica Leon Hall jersey is a bit harder to find than Dalton's or Green's—but, is available online.

Andrew Whitworth(notes), #77. Andrew Whitworth has not only served the Bengals at left tackle, but as team captain as well. Since Whitworth joined the Bengals in 2006, he has positioned himself as a team leader and asset to the Bengal offense. Having trouble tracking down a Whitworth jersey? Customize an Andrew Whitworth, #77, jersey online.

Jermaine Gresham(notes), #84. Cincinnati Bengal tight end Gresham offers young Andy Dalton a promising target on offense. The 6-foot-5-inch 260-pound Gresham has the potential to be the Bengal's best pass receiving tight end since Bob Trumpy. An authentic replica Jermaine Gresham jersey or scrimmage shirt are readily available online and in sports shops.

Big news:Houshmandzadeh joins Raiders now!

Nearly 10 months after his dropped pass ended Baltimore’s playoff chances, Houshmandzadeh is back in the NFL with Oakland, hoping a reunion with his old quarterback and his former position coach will help lead the Raiders to the playoffs.

“That was the biggest reason (for) me going to Baltimore last year and, again, when it mattered, I dropped the ball,” he said yesterday. “That’s something I really don’t do, so I’m eager to get that behind me also.”

Houshmandzadeh practiced for the first time with the discount jerseys Raiders a day after signing. But he needed no introductions to quarterback Carson Palmer, his teammate for six seasons in Cincinnati and longtime offseason workout partner, or coach Hue Jackson, his receivers coach for three years with the Bengals.

“(Familiarity) plays a part in it. That wasn’t a total part,” Jackson said. “I got a group of young guys who are very, very talented, and having somebody that you can really look to, that can show you a little bit of the rope of what it’s like of being a pro in this league, week in and week out, day in and day out, will make a difference with this football team.”

Houshmandzadeh averaged 89 catches over a five-year span in Cincinnati. His best season came in 2007, when he caught a career-high 112 passes for 1,143 yards and 12 touchdowns.

“He’s really another quarterback on the field,” Palmer said. “He knows more about offensive and defensive football than any non-quarterback I’ve ever been around. He understands concepts, he understands schemes, alignments, all the little things a lot of receivers overlook. He’s a student of the game and it’s going to be a really big help, especially for these young guys to have him around.”
Benson rejoins Bengals

Bengals running back Cedric Benson was activated to the 53-man roster after serving a one-game suspension for violating the league’s personal-conduct policy.

The suspension, which was reduced from its original three games, was a result of two assault charges Benson has faced the past two years that have since been settled.

The Bengals waived cornerback Morgan Trent to make room for Benson on the roster.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

It Isn't Pretty For Vikings Fans

The folks from Bristol, Connecticut keep the arrow pointed downwards for the Vikings this week. After having them at number 28 going into Week 4, their Week 5 NFL Power Rankings have dropped the Vikings a couple of spots down to number 30.

Once again, ESPN provides some of the most inane commentary connected with these Power Rankings, with this week's drivel coming courtesy of John Clayton.

At 0-4, the Vikings' brass must be pondering a quarterback change in the next few weeks.

Gee, you reckon?

But then, as we always say. . .and you can sing along with me, if you'd like. . .that's why they're the "worldwide leader."

Yes, the Vikings are probably going to consider a quarterback change. I'd be surprised if it happens before the bye week or anything like that, but at this rate, I suppose that anything is possible. But to say that Donovan McNabb isn't getting the job does is almost cliche at this point.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Do you Belive That Chicago Bears Jerseys is One of The Oldest Jerseys

Chicago Bears were founded in 1919 in Decatur, Illinois. In 1921 they moved to Chicago and become one of the founding members of NFL, one of two founding franchises still active, the second being Arizona Cardinals, originally also from Chicago. Chicago Bears are owners of many of NFL records, including most members enshrined it The Hall of Fame and most victories. The team has won eight NFL Championships and Super Bowl XX. Since 1971 they play on Soldier Field stadium. Their arch rivals are Green Bay Packers. Below, we are going to take a closer look at Chicago Bears Jerseys.
Chicago Bears' jersey came a long way from the ones originally used in 1920s. Those were made of wool, blue with tan stripes sewn into then, which were actually made of leather, to help player get a better grip on the ball. In 30s, they changed to all orange jersey and pants, and in 1936 they added orange stripes to the helmets and change jersey color to white. This was described by some fan as "an early version of psychedelia". The new designed was abandoned after just one season, after the fans showed how much they disliked it.
The familiar navy blue shirts with white, rounded numbers first appeared in 1949. In 1956 they added what was then called a TV numbers, player numbers on the jersey sleeves. In memory of George "Papa Bear" Halas, team added his initials GSH to the sleeves in 1984 season.
Today, they play in white or navy blue jersey with white or blue pants. Both versions of the pans have orange stripe outlined in blue or white along sides. In honor of NFL 75th anniversary, they introduced a third uniform in 1994 season, similar to their original from 1920, navy blue with orange stripes.
In 2002 Monday night football game against Green Bay Packers, Bears wore all blue uniform, combining their home navy blue jersey with blue pants for the first time. They lost the game and didn't use that combination until 2006 final game against Packers, which they also lost.
In 2005, they introduced orange jersey, which they use in one home game in season that is close to the Halloween. This jersey is regarded as one of the beast in the league, mainly because of its classic design.
Regardless of color, the most prominent feature of Chicago Bears jersey is the rounded numbers. They are the only team in the league that uses them, opposed to block numbers other teams use.
Bears wear navy blue helmets, with large letter C on the sides. The color of the letter changed during their history, sometimes being white, but in recent years orange C is mainly used.
Official mascot of the Chicago Bears is Staley Da Bear, named in honor of A. E. Staley, founder of the original Bears' franchise in 1919. He made his debut in 2003 season. Before him, Bears had Bearman, which was in fact a season ticket holder Don Wachter, who decided to help the team by cheerleading. He was allowed to run across the field with large Bear flag during the games.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

2011 NFL Predictions: Brett Favre Out of Retirement

You know that Favre will be hitting the high school field staying limber. He’s going to be keeping himself in “game shape” and staying in communication with his friends in the NFL. Favre is going to be waiting on the opportunity to find a good excuse to come back to the NFL. Eventually, as much as this pains me to say it, some team is going to need him.

For instance, let’s look at the Washington Redskins.

Quarterback John Beck is banged up right now, and I’m not sure how many people are feeling good about Rex Grossman as a starter.

Let’s just pretend that Beck looked great during the first half of the year and had the Redskins within earshot of a potential Wild Card berth. Would Favre cheap jerseys be the guy to come in and take them the rest of the way?

I’m not sure if he’s the answer. Actually, I’m pretty certain that he won’t be the answer.

I also don’t think the Redskins have a shot of even sniffing the playoffs, but that’s a completely different article.

That being said, I guarantee you that Favre can and will get a desperate team to believe that he will be the solution. He can weasel and worm his way into getting some poor GM to buy into the fact that he’s the guy who can salvage their season.

It’s a scary thought.

Do you think I’m absolutely crazy? Do you think that there is no way this could ever be possible?

what a bad news:Jerry Smith dead at 80

ENGLEWOOD, Colo. -- Jerry Smith, whose 26-year NFL coaching career included a stint as the Denver Broncos interim head coach in 1971, has died at age 80.

Smith had been in declining health since suffering a heart attack four years ago. He died Saturday, said his son, Jeffrey Smith, of Dallas.

Smith coached the offensive and defensive lines for 10 AFL/NFL teams from 1960-85 before serving six seasons as a scout for the Kansas City Chiefs.

He was drafted by the San Francisco 49ers in 1952 out of the University of Wisconsin and played three seasons for the Niners and one for the Green Bay Packers.

Smith took over the Broncos after Lou Saban resigned in 1971 and went 2-3 before being replaced the following season by John Ralston.

"I think he really wanted the opportunity to take over the team the following year," his son said. "He went 2-3 and was pulling guys off the street and really did a great job.

"But what was always important to him was coaching and teaching. He affected so many people. So, he was fulfilled. He valued assistant coaching as much as he did head coaching."

Smith coached with the Boston Patriots, Buffalo Bills, New Orleans Saints, Houston Oilers, Cleveland Browns, Baltimore Colts, San Diego Chargers and St. Louis Cardinals in addition to his one year in Denver during his 26-year pro coaching career.

He was best known for coaching the "Sack Pack" in Baltimore in the mid-1970s and the Chargers' dominating defensive line for several seasons after that.

Smith is survived by his wife, Shirley, two sons and three daughters. Services are next Monday in his hometown of San Diego.

Monday, June 13, 2011

NBA Playoffs: Heat’s Lose and Dallas Mavericks Win Finally

The Miami Heat were the most talented team in the NBA this past season. They were two fourth-quarter collapses away from sweeping the NBA Finals. None of that matters after they lost Game 6 by a final score of 105-95, and the series by a final score of 4-2.

Miami’s losses in Game 2 and Game 4 can be directly traced back to atrocious late-game execution on both ends of the floor and inexcusable performances from LeBron James. Miami had chances to win Game 5, but that game was ultimately decided by a red-hot Dallas shooting performance that the Heat had little hope of matching.

So what happened in Game 6? The Heat, a team capable of doing anything, failed to do the most basic of basketball tasks throughout the night, and their lack of fundamental execution ultimately ended their season.

Miami looked nervous all game long, and while their offense didn’t go stagnant because of too much one-on-one play, it did often evolve into a game of “hot potato,” with the Heat forcing passes left and right and committing a series of turnovers that ultimately destroyed them. Miami gave the ball up 17 times on Sunday, and those turnovers led to an incredible 27 points for the Mavericks. Miami was supposed to be the best fast-break team in the league, but Dallas punished the Heat in transition all series long thanks to their superior discipline.

Miami’s lack of discipline didn’t only show up when they tossed the ball away. With the pressure on them, the Heat failed to do one of the most fundamental and simple tasks in basketball: make free throws. Miami had Dallas in foul trouble for nearly the duration of the game, but missed a stunning 13 free throws, which turned a 15-free throw disparity into only eight extra points for the Heat.

On both offense and defense, the Heat repeatedly simply gave up possessions that they should have treated like the most important things on the planet. Wade, who had carried the Heat through the first five games of the series, was on tilt in Game six, forcing up inexcusable deep jumpers and trying to attack the basket wildly when the lanes weren’t there for him. LeBron James tried, but he had some inexcusable turnovers of his own, most of which were the result of over-passing or trying to force a drive instead of taking an open jumper.

The Heat also let their tempers flare up when they should have been focused on the task at hand. Directly after an impressive 14-0 run that dug Miami out of a 12-point deficit in the first half, Udonis Haslem allowed DeShawn Stevenson to engage him in an altercation, and Mario Chalmers and Joel Anthony both made things work by coming into the conflict. Dallas had already called a time-out, but the extra delay and Dallas technical free throw that resulted from the fracas sapped all the momentum that the Heat had going for them. A Wade technical on a charging call that didn’t go his way later in the game made things even clearer: Miami was clearly rattled after losing three of its past four games and having fourth-quarter leads in all of them.

The Heat also failed to box out at key times, and while the Mavericks only ended up with one more offensive board than the Heat did, several of those offensive boards came in the fourth quarter, when the Heat desperately needed to get the ball and try and get their offense going.

In the end, what did the Heat in wasn’t a poorly-constructed roster or proper offensive and defensive strategy. It was their mentality. With the Heat’s talent, they should have coldly and methodically carved through the NBA all season long and put Dallas away when they had the chance to win an NBA championship. Instead, they allowed themselves to have a roller coaster of a regular season marked by poor late-game execution and losses to elite teams, gritted through the first three rounds of the playoffs thanks to stifling defense and heroic late-game play, and blew the NBA Finals.

The Heat have the right roster pieces to win the championship next season, assuming it occurs. Spolestra is more than capable as a coach. Their stars have shown that they are capable of playing together on both ends of the floor. But if they want to reach their ultimate goal, they are going to have to tighten things up next season. They can’t forget to play defense on the nights their offense is rolling. They can’t let teams back into games by committing silly fouls. They can’t try to get caught up in macho posturing in an NBA Finals elimination game. They can’t throw the ball away when it matters most. They can’t miss free throws.

In 2011, the Heat showed that they have enough talent to win a champions. In 2012, the Heat will have to show that they have the maturity and discipline to be champions.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Stanley Cup favorite Canucks take on villain role

In Canada, much has been made as to whether folks outside of the Canucks’ sphere of influence should cheer for the Van City squad, simply because of geography and overall patriotism. Some in Vancouver have weighed in by saying ‘thanks, but no thanks – we know you actually hate us.’ (Which is ludicrous. Coming from the Greater Toronto Area, I am well aware which city other Canadians truly despise.)

The villain has replaced the anti-hero as pop culture’s new favorite, from Heath Ledger’s portrayal of The Joker to the only reality TV stars anyone cares about – the crazy ones. So Vancouver Canucks fans, say hello to the bad guys: your boys in blue and green.

Yes, the Canucks are a tremendously well-built team, handcrafted and honed by GM Mike Gillis to include finesse, grit, a deep defense corps, an Olympic-caliber goaltender and a backup who would start in many other NHL locales.

They’re also the villains of the 2011 Stanley Cup playoffs.

This is not to say the Canucks deserve to lose to the Boston Bruins. It just needs to be stated that it will be no Hallmark movie-of-the-week ending should they raise the chalice in six or more games.

In the most straightforward sense, unless you’re already a fan, it’s hard to cheer for the team that won the Presidents’ Trophy to go all the way. We watch sports for the drama and the underdog meme exists because the unexpected is so much more exciting: Chaos and anarchy trump simple mathematical odds.

But in another, more visceral way, it just seems as if the Canucks have done a lot of line stepping en route to the Stanley Cup. If this were a sports movie, they’d be wearing the black jerseys and cheap-shoting their way to the final where a scrappy bunch of misfits would miraculously topple them.

Raffi Torres got the ball rolling in Round 1 with his savage hit on Chicago’s Brent Seabrook and the karmic whiplash nearly destroyed the Vancouver side, with “Chelsea Dagger” serving as the soundtrack as they descended several levels of choking hell before emerging out from the other side courtesy Alex Burrows’ Game 7 overtime heroics.

More recently, it was defenseman Aaron Rome’s two-Mississippis-too-late crushing of Nathan Horton that put Vancouver’s troops in the baddie category, ironically absolving the Big, Bad Bruins of many of their sins.

(As an aside, the B’s have matched the Canucks in selling high-sticks that never touched flesh and in nasty after-the-whistle behavior. But the optics of Boston losing playoff hero Horton, himself a great story thanks to years of futility spent in Florida, are not the same. This is compounded by the fact Marc Savard had previously been lost due to a nefarious head shot and Patrice Bergeron had his own concussion hell even before that.)

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Bulls VS Heat:Heat take Game 1 then which side you stand?

MIAMI — The Big 3 is under contract through the 2014 post-season. But if the NBA emerges from this summer's collective-bargaining negotiations with a hard salary cap, Commissioner David Stern said, it's possible the Heat wouldn't be able to keep all three superstars.

Chris Bosh and LeBron James signed $110.1 million contracts last summer while Wade signed for $107 million. The Heat likely wouldn't be able to fit all three under a hard cap.

"That's part of the negotiation," Stern said before Game 1. "This is very complex. If there's a will, we'll be able to work all those issues out."

The NBA, like the NFL, is headed to a lockout July 1 if players and owners cannot agree to a new CBA before the current one expires on June 30.

Stern said owners and players will conduct a "full-blown bargaining session" today in Miami.

"We told the players and the owners to bring their negotiating talents to South Beach," he joked.

Carlisle's ploy for Dallas?

One of the story lines of this series is whether Dallas coach Rick Carlisle can get the Heat scrambling through his use of unconventional defenses.

First, though, Carlisle got the media scrambling.

Before Game 1, Carlisle was asked about Heat forward Udonis Haslem.

"We know we're going to see a lot of him in the series. There's a very good chance he could even start in Game 1," Carlisle said.

Haslem said, "That would be something new if it happens."

It didn't. Erik Spoelstra stuck with Joel Anthony at center, with Haslem - who only recently recovered from a foot injury - remaining a reserve.

Spoelstra did say that there were no limitations on Haslem's court time.

Cuban in the house

Mavs owner Mark Cuban, who took a seat behind the Dallas bench, wore his trademark jeans and Mavs T-shirt.

This shirt appeared to have been through a season, or 10, prompting the question of whether it was Cuban's lucky shirt.

"They're all lucky," he said.

A 92-84 loss isn't going to define the Mavericks or this series on the whole. Which is not to say the Mavs are going to win the NBA Finals, but they're surely going to show more than they did in Game 1 on Tuesday.

They never elevated, and the Heat were happy to let them feel hopeful and content for more than three quarters. But a ho-hum, neither-here-nor-there showing isn't true to Dallas' character. "We have to force the game," said Mavs forward Shawn Marion, and he sounded as if he was making a promise for Game 2 Thursday. "Go out there and play ball. We were calling so many sets, it just kind of took the rhythm out of everything we normally do. When we're out there freelancing and playing the game and making it up as we go, we're one of the best to do it."

How many times can we talk about how far the Heat have come, how they've cultivated their senses of teamwork and rhythm in order to raise an important victory like this one from the basement of a 28.6 percent first quarter all the way up to the penthouse of LeBron James (24 points, nine rebounds, five assists) and Dwyane Wade (22 points, 10 rebounds, six assists and two blocks) pulling away in the fourth? Forgive me if you've heard this one before, but they never could have done anything like this in November, January, March or even early last month.

"It just takes time for players to feel comfortable with each other and a new offensive system and playing with new guys and being in this situation over and over and over," said Miami coach Erik Spoelstra. "We had quite a few close games in the regular season where we failed. The more times you're in it, the more confident you get."

This was a victory of patience and understanding. The Heat went to Chris Bosh (19 points and nine rebounds overall) in the first quarter and then to Mario Chalmers (12 points on eight shots off the bench) in the second. The Mavs may have been able to convince themselves that everything was going to plan, that they weren't letting James and Wade destroy them.

The anticipated matchup of James on Nowitzki went unconsummated -- James nfl cheap jerseys spent more time guarding Jason Terry in the fourth -- because the Heat didn't need to go there. Nowitzki, set back in the fourth quarter by a torn tendon in the middle finger of his left hand, had a relatively blasé 27 points (7-of-18 from the field), if such a thing is possible. In the meantime, LeBron was happy to spend the first three quarters doing his own impersonation of Nowitzki while hitting all four of his threes. He's making those shots the way a red-shirted Tiger Woods used to drill putts on Sunday. Toward the end of the third, LeBron brought the ball up to the edge of the line for one of those quick-hitting threes, and then moments later, appearing to have botched a quarter-ending possession, he moved to his right a full stride behind the arc for a fall away three over Marion that gave Miami a 65-61 lead.

LeBron and the Heat don't feel the need to force much of anything anymore. "They were doing a good job of corralling him on pick and rolls and also protecting the paint when we did attack," said Spoelstra. "He was reading the game, getting off the ball when he needed to. We had some good ball movement possessions there in the fourth."

The Mavs will be disappointed that the story of this game was how Wade and James played off one another to combine for 29 points (11 of 17 together) in the second half, as if they'd once and for all committed to memory the team manual handed out at training camp eight months ago. Wade had been a disappointing 3 for 10 with three turnovers in the opening half -- a continuation of his struggles overall in the previous round against Chicago. But when Dallas scored seven points to open the third quarter and take a 51-43 lead, the Heat went to Wade for a pair of layups that made everything feel simple and straightforward for him again.

The Mavs were within 75-70 in the final four minutes when Wade finished them off. He sauntered to the top of the key for a jumper over Jason Kidd (77-70), then hit a rolling Bosh with a bounce pass off the dribble that led to a pair of free throws (79-73). At the other end, Marion (16 points and 10 rebounds) was picking up a loose ball in the lane and turning around for a 12-footer only to see Wade hovering above him to block the shot. The ensuing possession was converted by Wade into a three-pointer that made it 82-73.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Do You Know Penny Auctions?TOP 15 Best Penny Auction Sites Statistical Comparison

Who are the best penny auction sites? How can you compare them? Here is a lot more than you must have been reading on penny auction site. Here is some real data to compare the very best penny auction sites!
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Friday, February 11, 2011

Packers give GM Thompson extension after Super Bowl win

The Green Bay Packers have signed general manager Ted Thompson to a multiyear extension. Head coach Mike McCarthy might be next.
For more on the Green Bay Packers, check out the latest from our bloggers.
» Blog Blitz: Packers
Packers President Mark Murphy last week said extending Thompson's and McCarthy's deals, which were to expire in 2012,was a priority following Sunday's 31-25 victory over the Pittsburgh Steelers in the Super Bowl, according to the Chicago Sun-Times.
"This is a great organization and I am very humbled and appreciative," Thompson said in a statement released by the team. "Green Bay is a special place and I am honored to work with such a great group of people that have all contributed to our success."
Murphy on Friday said the organization is thrilled to keep Thompson, 58, after working on and reaching an agreement on a new contract in December.
Of Green Bay's 53 active players against Pittsburgh, 49 were acquired by Thompson, 26 through the draft.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Packers and Steelers Both Opt Out of 2011 Pro Bowl

For obvious reasons, the Pittsburgh Steelers and Green Bay Packers jerseys will not play in the 2011 Pro Bowl. This means that six Packers (Chad Clifton, Nate Collins, Greg Jennings, Clay Matthews, Tramon Williams, and Charles Woodson) and four Steelers (James Harrison,Troy Polamalu, Brett Keisel, and Maurkice Pouncey) were to be replaced.

Among the replacements were Antoine Winfield, who is replacing Tramon Williams, Shaun Phillips, who is replacing James Harrison, among others. Tamba Hali was almost selected, but will not be playing on Sunday.

What does this mean for the players? Nothing, really. For those going it's another accolade and one more game they can play for the heck of it, and for the Packers and Steelers it's a distraction that they can just ignore.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

FedEx Air & Ground Players of the Year nominees

The NFL announced that quarterbacks Tom Brady of the New England Patriots, Philip Rivers of the San Diego Chargers and Aaron Rodgers of the Green Bay Packers are the finalists for the FedEx Air NFL Player of the Year honors, and running backs Jamaal Charles of the Kansas City Chiefs, Arian Foster of the Houston Texans and Michael Turner of the Atlanta Falcons are the finalists for the FedEx Ground NFL Player of the Year.

Fans can vote for one player in each category on until Friday, January 28 at 9 pm ET to determine the FedEx Air & Ground NFL Players of the Year.
The FedEx Air & Ground NFL Players Chicago bears jersey of the Year will be announced on Wednesday, February 2 at a press conference during the week of Super Bowl XLV in North Texas.
Fans will be voting for more than their favorite player. FedEx will make a $25,000 donation in each winning player's name to their local Safe Kids coalition during the week leading up to Super Bowl. As part of the program during the season, FedEx supported local Safe Kids coalitions by making weekly $2,000 donations in each of the winning players' names to their communities. The funding was used for pedestrian safety improvements throughout the year, from upgraded crosswalks and safety signs to traffic barriers and educational training for children.
A closer look at the FedEx Air NFL Player of the Year finalists:
Michael Turner, Atlanta Falcons
Turner led the NFC in rushing with 1,371 yards and 12 touchdowns and rushed 334 times, the most in the NFL in 2010. Turner played in all 16 games, starting 15 of them, helping the Falcons win the NFC South and lock up the No. 1 seed in the NFC for the Playoffs. In Week 14, he had 28 carries for 112 yards and three touchdowns in the 31-10 win over the Carolina Panthers. Turner was nominated for four FedEx Ground NFL Player of the Week awards in 2010.
Tom Brady, New England Patriots
Brady finished the season completing 65.9 percent of his passes, throwing for 3,900 yards and 36 touchdowns. Brady threw only four interceptions in his 492 passes (0.81 percent), marking the third-best interception percentage in NFL history. He owns an active streak of 335 consecutive passes without an interception, the longest streak in NFL history, and passed for at least two touchdowns with no interceptions in the last nine games, the longest streak in league annals. In addition, he became only the seventh player to throw a TD pass in all 16 games of a season. Brady was nominated for five FedEx Air NFL Player of the Week awards in 2010, winning once.
Jamaal Charles, Kansas City Chiefs
Charles rushed for 1,467 yards and averaged 6.38 yards per carry (230 carries), helping the Kansas City Chiefs win the AFC West title and reach the playoffs. Charles joined Pro Football Hall of Famer Jim Brown (291 attempts, 1,863 yards, 6.40 yards per carry in 1963) as the only players in NFL history to have at least 1,400 rushing yards and average more than 6.30 yards per carry in a single season. Charles played in all 16 games and had five rushing touchdowns including a 56-yard touchdown in Week 1. He was nominated for four FedEx Ground NFL Player of the Week awards in 2010, winning once.
Philip Rivers, San Diego Chargers
Rivers led the NFL in passing with 4,710 yards, the 10th-most in a single season. With 2,649 passing yards through Week 8, Rivers set an NFL record for the most passing yards through a quarterback's first eight games of a season. His 1,562 passing yards during October set an NFL record for the most passing yards in the month. Rivers completed an NFL-leading 66 passes of at least 20 yards. Twelve of those went for touchdowns, second-most in the league. And he set a career high with six 300-yard games. Rivers was nominated for three FedEx Air NFL Player of the Week awards in 2010.
Arian Foster, Houston Texans
Foster led the NFL in rushing with 1,616 yards and 16 rushing touchdowns. During Week 1, Foster scored three touchdowns and rushed for a team-record 231 yards, a total that marks the second-best Kickoff Weekend rushing performance since 1933. He became the first player in NFL history to rush for at least 200 yards and three touchdowns on Kickoff Weekend. Foster was nominated for three FedEx Ground NFL Player of the Week awards in 2010, winning twice.
Aaron Rodgers, Green Bay Packers
Rodgers finished in the top 10 in nearly every major passing category this season, posting a 101.2 passer rating (third-highest), passing for 3,922 yards (seventh-highest), throwing 28 touchdowns (tied for sixth), posting a 65.7 completion percentage (sixth), and throwing 40 25-yard passes (second). Rodgers' 3,922 passing yards this season brought his total in three seasons as a starter to 12,394, ranking second in NFL history behind only Kurt Warner (12,612, 1999-2001)for the most passing yards by a quarterback in his first three seasons as a starter. Rodgers posted a passer rating of at least 110.0 during Week 9 & Weeks 11-13 making him him the only quarterback since 1970 to post a passer rating of at least 110.0 in four consecutive games in back-to-back seasons. Rodgers was nominated for three FedEx Air NFL Player of the Week awards in 2010, winning twice.

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Sunday, January 9, 2011

28 Days Counting Down Until 2011 Super Bowl XLV

Hosted by North Texas hit’s the 3 million sq. ft stadium but with all of the festivities going on there is one in particular that signifies the true meaning of keeping God first, the 2011 Super Bowl jerseys committee is proud to announce that the “Gospel Celebration” will be held at the Music Hall in Dallas’Fair Park on the Friday, Feb 4, 2011 07:30pm prior to Super Bowl XLV.

The creator of this extraordinaire event Mrs. Melanie Few-Harrison launched her dream as she started this event for the players and their families to have a faith-based component added to our Super Bowls, of what started out as a gospel brunch would have gone to become one of the biggest events held along with the Super Bowl jerseys. The initial capacity of individuals for the event was assumed to be estimated at about 400 guests but with god’s will the celebration grown to be over 4000 in attendance and constantly growing.

This will be the 12th annual Gospel Celebration carried on by Results’ Inc. where NFL players remove their helmets on this special day to show their other talent, singing praises! sports hats as they take the stage with Gospel artist Mary Mary, Donnie McClurkin, Marvin Sapp, and Israel Houghton, this is sure to be an experience you wouldn’t want to miss!

So come out and get your Praise & Worship on!

Tickets for the 12th Annual Super Bowl Gospel Celebration can be purchased through:Music Hall at Fair Park, 909 1st Ave.Dallas,Tx 75210 or visit for a chance to win (2) tickets Super Bowl XLV.