Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Jessica Simpson: I'm single, but I'm out there

Jessica Simpson has opened up about her love life, saying she’s “single, but I'm out mingling around'.

The Price of Beauty star confided: 'I mingle around very privately. I have ways in and out of my house and certain places that I go that are private just so I can have a normal life. I'm still out there and bring normal.'

Simpson, who has had high-profile relationships with singers Nich Lachey and John Mayer, as well as football star Tony Romo, admits she doesn’t mind whether a future date is involved in the entertainment industry, or not.

'It doesn't really matter to me' Simpson said in interview on Ellen.

'They definitely have to understand my life and what I put up with and what I deal with. Being scrutinised publicly, they can definitely make or break a relationship, and you have to have that strong foundation so I have to have somebody that understands that kind of lifestyle.'

Sunday, April 25, 2010

7 Reasons to Quit Smoking

In my smoking existence, I came across at least a hundred distinct reasons for why to quit smoking. But to begin with, I am planning to give you the top Seven reasons that will help you make the choice.

1. It will preserve your daily life. It is almost certainly the reason that you just have already heard a thousand times inside your daily life. However it is usually a extremely solid cause, and it is the principal purpose why many individuals quit every day. But to some people this explanation isn’t ample. In particular to young smokers who like Luci Electronic Cigarette and don’t fully grasp the seriousness of this statement. If you’re one of those that don’t uncover this purpose being enough to quit smoking, examine on.

2. Awful breath = Negative impression. Believe it or not, men and women frown upon people who smoke. You may possibly not have noticed it but people actually hate the business of those that have poor breath. Obviously, they usually do not say it to your faces because normally persons are nice. But you are going to use a significantly superior social daily life should you quit smoking because your breath will likely not smell poor any longer.

3. You are able to save a whole lot of money; not merely on the Smokeless Cigarettes which you buy, but also on your insurance. If you don’t smoke, your premium becomes very much lower. In case you want a excellent idea of how considerably you can conserve, then just try to calculate how significantly money you have spent on cigarettes till currently. Just an estimate will do. After which consider what you could have performed with that dollars in case you had all that suitable now.

4. Quit smoking not merely saves living, but it also improves your well being. You will be very much more active after you quit. You will be also about to use a considerably greater stamina to carry out diverse physical activities. Your performance in any sport or physical activity will greatly strengthen.

5. With smoking being banned at so numerous public places, you will likely not have got to go outside anymore to smoke. It’s commonly extremely annoying to possess to go out just to smoke. Makes you feel like a second class citizen. Quitting will help you save you a great deal of time and embarrassment.

6. Passive smoking is as hazardous as smoking such as nucig review. Your friends and loved ones will also live a longer daily life when you quit smoking.

7. You will likely not must depend on cigarettes anymore. You grow to be a slave to nicotine if you happen to be smoker. You have to have a cigarette in almost daily to day activity; driving, lunch, dinner, coffee, etc. And should you do not get a cigarette, then you happen to be left helpless and frustrated. Quitting will make certain that you simply tend not to must depend on cigarettes once again.

At times, even the many reasons within the world are not sufficient to answer the question “why to quit smoking?” But for a lot of people even a smallest incident in their daily life could give them all the motivation they have to have to quit.

Women's Dress Fashion for Spring and Summer 2010

In all times women loved dresses. And even now super-modern ladies still want to look feminine and wear nice gowns and frocks that flatter their figures. However, fashion changes and from time to time new styles appear while others vanish as we lose interest in them.

Dress trends for Spring-Summer 2010 are diverse and sometimes surprising. Read and know what you should wear to look fashionable and womanly this year.

Short bandage dress:These short dresses have been presented in many collections by famous designers, such as Rodarte, Herve Leger, Thakoon, Givenchy and others.

And they surely deserve our attention as they look stylish and womanly despite the fact Narciso Rodriguez confessed his inspiration for the creation of such dresses were chains and lashes as a result aggressiveness turned into femininity.

Little black dress. It is classic and chic and women, generation after generation, tend to own at least one perfect LBD in their wardrobe. Such dress always works well. All you need to do is to find accessories to suit the style and occasion.

Strapless dress. This type of dresses are perfect for special events and red carpets. They look sophisticated and show the beauty of woman’s neck and decolette. Wearing a strapless gown even the most ordinary girl will attract atttention.

One-shoulder dress. This style has been with us for a few seasons already and is still very popular both with designers and customers. Single-shoulder gowns are often chosen to grace on the red carpet and there are dresses which suit everyday situations, too.

Light dress. As a great contrast to leather dresses come light and uber-feminine ones. This type of frocks is perfect for walking outdoors and enjoying the warm sun. They look pretty and you will hardly feel hot in them.

Dress + belt. This is the hottest trend of the season. Belts come with all styles and outfits. And with dresses belts look good, too. Belts can add glamour and chic or be playful and delicate, Everything depends on how you wear those. Experiment a lot to find the style of your own.

Flower dress. A couple of fashion seasons ago we saw this trend blossoming. Flowers in all shapes and prints were used everywhere, from outfits to jewelry. And as it turns out fashion repeats itself! Flowers are again hot.

As you see being fashionable is not difficult as there are plenty of styles to choose from. Hope you like the post!

Friday, April 23, 2010

Five Step To Clean Ugg Boots

Hi friend welcome to life is funny blog,today we are talking about ugg boots cleaning. If you're Australian, or if you've been anywhere in the world where people wear things on their feet to keep them warm, then you've probably heard of uggs. And, if you happen to own a pair of these fuzzy wonders, you may even be wondering how to get them clean. So they won't be so ugg-ly. Check it out.

What Are Ugg Boots?

"Ugg boots" is an Australian term for sheepskin foot ware that has been around since the cultivation of sheep, though it wasn't until the 1950s or so when the Aussie name stuck. Due to their soft outer shell and their all natural fleecy lining, Uggs are both extremely comfortable, and thermostatically beneficial to your feet.

Which means they're really warm, too. And don't go around thinking that Uggs are the domain of annoying, little-dog toting hotel heiresses, either. These boots were originally popular with World War II aviators and hardcore surfers, specifically because they're so cozy and toasty on your feeties.

Clean the Uggs

To clean your Uggs, you'll need a mild sheepskin cleaner like Woolite or the UGG Autralia Sheepskin Cleaner, or you can also try using an all-natural cleaner that's safe for wool and other delicates. Be sure to dilute your cleaner in cold water according to the instructions - for Woolite use 2 tablespoons for every two cups of water, for UGG Australia cleaner mix at a one to one ratio, and for an all natural cleaner like Ecover Delicate Wash, mix only a third of a capful with about 2 1/2 liters of cold water.

Some people say you can even use a diluted mild shampoo, just be very careful here - you don't want to eliminate all the natural oil that's part of your sheepskin boots. Oil in your hair: bad, oil on your Uggs: good.

Next, use a cloth soaked in cold water to dampen the outside surface of your boots, being careful not to thoroughly soak through the entire sheepskin. Apply a small amount of your cleaner to a sponge, and gently scrub the entire area in small circles. For tough stains or hard to reach nooks, try using a toothbrush - just be careful not to damage the material. Rinse off all the cleaner with your cold, wet cloth, stopping to rinse and ring it out as you go.

Dry the Ugg Boots

Stuff your boots with recycled paper towels to allow your Uggs to keep their shape, and leave them to dry in a clean, warm place.

How Not to Dry Sheepskin Boots

Avoid direct heat sources like a fireplace, radiator, or blazing sun here, which can cause the sheepskin to pucker or crack.

How to Deodorize Uggs

Now, what if you got a bad case of the ol' smelly dogs? Well, there's hope here, too. Once your boots are dry, sprinkling a couple tablespoons of baking soda inside then giving them a shake and letting them sit, should kill any funky odors overnight. Be sure to gently brush the outsides of your Uggs with a suede brush to restore the pile, and you're good to go. So just stay on top of 'em from here on out, and these boots can last you nearly a lifetime.

Well done,now a cleaned ugg boots just like new one.want more information about ugg boots and other brand news,please bookmark my blog.thanks.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Socks become fashion for summer 2010

Socks become fashion for summer 2010

Socks featured in the spring/summer 2010 collections of Christian Dior (left) and Marni. Centre: Alexa Chung, as always, gets it right Photo: AFP/ REX

Pull ‘em up to your knees; or push ‘em down around your ankles. It’s all about socks appeal this spring. Whichever way you wear them - tight and neat, or as wrinkled as the sad, saggy scraps of yarn that once drooped around Ena Sharples’ tired old legs - a pair of socks is the instant way to update your foot-looks.

Socks-and-shoes; it might sound a bit too uncool-for-school, but it’s a catwalk trend that has been doing a slow burn for several seasons.

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Ankle-socks and knee-highs have long been a favourite look to accessorise the flat lace-ups, platforms, wedges and stacked heels on the catwalk for Milan’s Consuelo Castiglione of Marni, and London’s Margaret Howell, as well as the high-priestesses of style, Miuccia Prada and Rei Kawakubo. Burberry’s Christopher Bailey clearly regards socks as the new tights, while John Galliano made glitter-ball socks the finishing touch to his strappy 40s-style wedges and lacy little wisps of dresses in Christian Dior’s spring/summer 2010 runway parade.

First of all, don’t even try this at home if you’re over 30; this is very much a girl’s game - and a girl with great pins, at that. Mind you, socks are not such a bad idea for disguising thick ankles - as long as you choose a dark colour and you don’t suffer from thick calves, as well. (Great for avoiding blisters in new shoes, too).

The trick to getting it right rather than warped or naf, is to play it casual. It’s the funky, slightly geeky contrast that makes the look work.

Socks have not been such a big deal since the days of the 1950s "bobby-soxers" - teenage fans of Frank Sinatra and the like - who wore white socks, rolled down to the ankle, with their saddle shoes and full "poodle" skirts. The comeback became big in Japan in 2000 and was given a boost by Prada and Sex And the City’s Carrie Bradshaw in the original television series.

It’s far from being just a spring/summer fling this time around; socks continued their grip on the calves and ankles in the designer catwalk shows for next autumn/winter. Rag & Bone, Miu Miu, Marc Jacobs, Daks, Antonio Marras, Hussein Chalayan, John Rocha, Sportmax, and Alexander Wang, who mixed leg-warmers and socks, are just a few of the names adding socks to the accessories repertoire.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Chanel----Fashion and More than Fashion

The first sight of Chanel in the film Coco Chanel made me think of Youth,Beauty and Strength.Young woman as she is , Chanel never says die to hardness. Her talent leads the world to a new dressing fashion----simple but independent.

Chanel may not want to be adored. She wants to be loved and be who she really is. If love and independence make a woman woman, Coco Chanel can be speaker of all women. However old she is, she is always in good taste, elegant and strong.

Chanel is well-known throughout the world----by wowen and even men---who love fashion and being unique. Chanel will suit every taste if you can’t have the right on. On the whole,Chanel is fashion and more than fashion. Want to be confident and independent? Let Chanel lead you to Youth, Beauty and Strengh.

Started by Gabrielle Chanel in France in 1913, Chanel has always held the idea that a woman’s real beauty is inside----her strength , independence and confidence. Take, for example, Chanel’s own failure and success.Coco is never beaten----by love or career. She just has the belief that just be who you are and you can make it. So if Chanel were not fashion, then what it would be ?

It is around one hundred years since it began to step the fashion stage of world. Chanel has proved to the world: Channel is here and will always be here.

Friday, April 16, 2010

ready to go swimming?

hot bikini girl....

As the weather warms up, we begin to dream of fun spring and summer plans. Though poolside barbecues and weekend jaunts to the beach are exciting to think about, it means swimsuit shopping inevitably is in the near future.

For most of us, this is not a shopping trip we look forward to, but this trend report should calm some nerves: Itty-bitty bikinis and barely-there monokinis have fallen to the wayside. The classic one-piece has never been so chic and flattering.

Look for maillots that have been stylishly updated with feminine ruffles, glamorous one-strap silhouettes and sleek, plunging necklines. Here are a few of our favorite looks of the season.

Slimming secret

Color-block patterns are on trend for the season, but they're also visually slimming.

Eyes are drawn to lighter colors, so a suit like this is ideal for camouflaging hips - attention is directed upward and away from the darker lower half.

Gottex "Harmony" bandeau swimsuit (with removable straps), $148 at Dillard's, and thread-wrapped bangles, $3 each at Estilo.

TIP: You can count on a sweetheart-shaped neckline to create or enhance curves.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Get my first Herve Leger Dress!

I was impressed when I saw these skirts in the store PreetyLove.COM recently. I like the look of Herve Leger, and everyone and their mother is in garments Hollywood, Max Azria products. You know, sexy, brilliant and colorful dresses like a bandage on Nicole Richie and Catherine Zeta Jones look, to name a few?

Now, two brands of the same type and a skirt I've seen on Rihanna is available for much less heard! The structure of rock strength - size of a small to large - compared to $ 120 $ 400 more. More material is very similar, and is sized slightly more generous.

That's not to love?

PRODUCT DETAILS largest city, elastic waist-all-in horizontal pipes tight. Measures 17.5 from waist to hem.

Buy it

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