Sunday, April 18, 2010

Chanel----Fashion and More than Fashion

The first sight of Chanel in the film Coco Chanel made me think of Youth,Beauty and Strength.Young woman as she is , Chanel never says die to hardness. Her talent leads the world to a new dressing fashion----simple but independent.

Chanel may not want to be adored. She wants to be loved and be who she really is. If love and independence make a woman woman, Coco Chanel can be speaker of all women. However old she is, she is always in good taste, elegant and strong.

Chanel is well-known throughout the world----by wowen and even men---who love fashion and being unique. Chanel will suit every taste if you can’t have the right on. On the whole,Chanel is fashion and more than fashion. Want to be confident and independent? Let Chanel lead you to Youth, Beauty and Strengh.

Started by Gabrielle Chanel in France in 1913, Chanel has always held the idea that a woman’s real beauty is inside----her strength , independence and confidence. Take, for example, Chanel’s own failure and success.Coco is never beaten----by love or career. She just has the belief that just be who you are and you can make it. So if Chanel were not fashion, then what it would be ?

It is around one hundred years since it began to step the fashion stage of world. Chanel has proved to the world: Channel is here and will always be here.


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