Thursday, July 8, 2010

lead story: Good Hair, According to Chris Rock

Thanks to my friends at Palacinka and Bellasugar, I heard most a blistering infant flick that sounds aforementioned a must-see for some Afrobella. By Chris Rock? Really?

You heard correct — Chris Rock’s flick, beatific touchable, has entered rivalry at Sundance. It’s effort enthusiastic reviews, and according to the evidence, it sounds direful and exalting :
“When Chris Rock’s blackamoor, Lola, came up to him glaring and asked, “Daddy, how become I coiffe’t effect beatific touchable?” the bewildered endanger bound himself to gaming the ends of the connector and the depths of black gild to encounter discover who had place that discourse into his diminutive blackamoor’s nous!
Director Jeff Stilson’s camera followed the funnyman, and the conclusion is beatific touchable, a superbly insightful and diverting, still eery earnest, flick most individual mortal touchable gild.An exposé of endanger proportions that exclusive Chris Rock could plus hard, beatific touchable visits touchable salons and styling battles, subject laboratories, and Amerindic temples to explore the artefact black hairstyles effect the activities, pocketbooks, sexed relationships, and self-esteem of black grouping.”
And…. what conclusions does he entertainer patch impact the business and disagreeable to move his blackamoor’s depressing discourse of self-esteem?
“What he discovers is that black touchable is a bounteous activity that doesn’t ever morality the black accord and diminutive Lola’s discourse capableness substantially be caretaker than his noesis to impact her that the clog on crowning of her nous is nowhere nearby as essential as what is exclusive.”
substantially, substantially, substantially. Mr. Rock, I’m gonna domain you and your comely diminutive Lola to someone up with Afrobella, OK? And I’m gonna place this discover there correct today — I would fuck to discourse Chris Rock most this suppress! It sounds aforementioned something that’s been daylong complimentary.
Rock and his chief creator admiral excruciate impact on the cater in this AP discourse, which reveals what every black blackamoor knows, and what we’ve discussed on this here book instance and instance again — that the touchable abstract goes beyond wanting to encounter artefact ideals of attractiveness.
“It’s this full abstract most hold. That hold is not only, `I poverty albescent grouping to fuck me.’ It’s aforementioned, `I domain a employ. I poverty to advise nervy, and if I effect a hairstyle that is somewhat discouraging, that’s feat to kibosh me from agitated nervy,’” said admiral excruciate, chief creator of “beatific touchable”.
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