Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Minor Leagues Baseball:Who is Next One?

Although his DIPS numbers look pretty good, has been Sergio Mitre gets to short stop and when he struck in his next start, can not get another chance.
Despite its depth is extremely thin at the moment has passed and the trade, I still have some options. I will be three different positions in this Article One of his minor league options, one of the options in the bullpen, and one to meet for options outside the organization. First comes your options AAA.
Ivan Nova - A very legitimate pitching prospect. After two dissapointing years in 2007 and 2008, he has finally broken out this year. He dominated AA and earned a promotion to Scranton. Nova got off to a great start there but has cooled off since then. Now his ERA is up to 4.93, his K/BB is only 1.50, and his FIP is 4.21. I'm happy they got him back from San Diego but I doubt he'll have an impact in the ML rotation this year. Also not on the 40 man roster, maybe he'll be an option in the bullpen this year.
Josh Towers - Already the ML veteran has been with three different AAA teams this year. He's spent most of his time in the Yankees and Rockies minor league systems. He was disastrous for the Rockies and, although his ERA looks good, he really hasn't been all that great for the Yankees either. The last time he had a good season was 2005. Obviously not the ideal option. Not on the 40 man roster so I'd be very surprised if they went to him.
George Kontos - Kontos is having another very nice year in the minor leagues. He's been in the Yankees system for a while now, since 2006 and has slowly marched up prospect lists. He's a controversial prospect but has overall been very succesful. He made AA hitters look silly early on in the year and got a promotion to Scranton after only 20.1 innings with an ERA of 3.66 and an FIP of 2.46. In Scranton he has fallen off a bit but still looks good. The biggest difference is that he is striking out less. He's probably not ready for the ML's yet but he's an option.
Zach Kroenke - Probably a longshot here. He started out his career as a starter but was moved to the bullpen early on. The lefty has been nothing short of incredible in AAA this year. He has a sub 1.00 ERA and an FIP of 3.64. So why do I mention a possible future setup man in this post? The Yankees have been stretching him out lately and he's made a couple of spot starts with impressive results. Just yesterday he threw five innings, giving up only 1 run, 2 hits, and a walk while striking out three. Something to consider.
Kei Igawa - We all know the Kei Igawa story. He has been completely incapable of handling the ML's but has dominated the lower levels of AAA and Japanese baseball. This year though, his dominance for Scranton has actually slipped. His ERA is up to 3.91 and his FIP is up to 4.43. He's been good there but not dominant anymore. They've invested a lot of money in him so he may get a shot. I don't have very high hopes for him though.
One other thing to note is that the long forgotton Ian Kennedy is making his way back from his aneurysm. He could be back in September and I imagine he'd bypass all these guys if they still need a starter then. That's a longer shot than even Kroenke though.

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