Monday, May 24, 2010

Jordan VS Favre

Michael-Jordan is basketball's "God" in the world with millions of fans, but the first movement in the United States NFL Inside, there is a "Jordan" type of character, Brett-Faffe(Brett Favre)Two people in their movement similar position,Michael Jordan retired three times twice a comeback. After all,Jordan’s NBA jerseys sold better than Favre in NFL jerseys.

First, trace the Road Star Similarity index:4Star

Blazers1984In the NBA draft, the stupid choice of the Sam-Bowie, the Bulls are Ruyuan removed throughout Jordan. Be trapeze, the Bulls gradually to glory, from the1991Took the first-year NBA Title to the1998Two three consecutive years to complete the feat Bulls dynasty play up the song of victory, the Blazers are a thorn in the back, if, if, unfortunately in this world without regret to buy medicine, history will pioneer nailed shame.
Law Feuillu 1991 Joined NFL NBA draft until the second round33Pick Caibei Atlanta Falcons selected, however, is not optimistic about the future of Falcon's super quarterback, rookie season Faffe performance generally, but love of nightlife, often because of hangovers and late in training. After a season he was traded to wait to the Green Bay Packers, after the end of the deal, both teams will take a very different course. The first league 5 Season is1996 Season Faffe of absence for the Green Bay won the29In the Super Bowl. Falcon regret this for years, and Portland a "Yuan Fu," the two groups.

Second, competitive forces Similarity index:3Star

Than gold or silver, but this sentence does not apply to Michael Jordan, in particular, the dressed23Basketball jersey # god. Basketball court, the trapeze, impeccable skills, a set of elegance, power, art, improvisational ability in an outstanding athlete, he redefined NBA The meaning of a superstar, he is recognized as the world's greatest basketball player, not only in the era he lived in the whole NBA Jordan is the best in history.

Brett-Favre strong right arm arm strength and length are very accurate passing, and have a superb game reading ability, always able to indefinitely enlarge the opponent's weaknesses, opportunistic attack. Faffe is a qualified leader. Faffe pointed out that the reason for retirement is not physically unbearable NFL Intensity of competition, but the psychological feeling tired. But he is his outstanding year after year, day after day, starting every game, and keeps breaking the record of the League. He is NFL Sent the history of the most passing touchdowns quarterback, starting quarterback as the team won the most times led.

Third, honor Similarity index:4Star

Jordan from entering NBA The beginning and continue to create history in technology statistics are also difficult to reach so high for future generations, his career scoring the first history(30.1Point), Postseason history, scoring the first(33.4Point)Had 10 times as the regular season in scoring, steals three times to become the king. Won six times NBA Championship, won the final six MVP, Five regular season MVP, 14-time all-star lineup of the Year ten times selected, nine selected NBA Defensive first team, twice won the dunk contest champion, two Olympic champions. Michael Jordan Career27Times lore opponent, unprecedented, I am afraid no one will follow those up.

He played for Green Bay in this15Season, he led the team10Plays into the playoffs,3Times to obtain NFC Championship, the two broke into the Super Bowl. Faffe is NFL In the first three consecutive years MVP Players, 10 times All-Star Bowl (with the NBA Similar to the All-Star Game), three-time first team, the best Second Team three times, five times awarded the National League Division Player of the Year, a Super Bowl trophy. And almost broke Faffe NFL History of all the data on the quarterback, continuous 271 Unless a miracle starts with the record, this record will always be doomed to sleep in NFL The annals of history. Others include the number of successful passes, passing yardage total, touchdowns passing frequency of a number of records are created by the Act Eph.

Less than the average sports life 4 Years NFL, The law have stepped into the No. Front 19 A NFL Season, with fullness of life legend, is considered NFL One of the greatest players ever, has an ironclad in the retired Hall of Fame. Faffe in his long career, has refused to discuss the data with others, he always believed that no team success, and then dressed the data only on paper. Brett-Faffe not NFL The greatest quarterback in history, but is definitely NFL History, personality and most people respect the most clear-cut quarterback.

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