Wednesday, May 19, 2010

2010 NFL Super Bowl Champions, New Orleans needs you

Somebody say New Orleans, a place where eat, drink, suddenly become bright light, and this because of a team-- New Orleans Saints. Although New Orleans is the only one of small city have both NFL and NBA teams, it is not as crazy as people think.Although the Saints and Hornets have been unknown, they have won the favorite of the local fans. Of course, the reason may be the fans have no choice.

Saints after 43 years of hard work, finally asking for the moon. The first won the NFC championship , after a lapse of two weeks, then broke into the first Super Bowl championship team who can not get the record, will not unthinkable in the past to the 44th session of the United States Football League championship Super bowl in your hands. Now everything has changed, NFL Super Bowl Jerseys added the New Orleans saints’ jerseys. Magic Saints reborn, New Orleans has become a myth.

New Orleans, the significance of this victory is self-evident., This is for disaster recovery from Hurricane Katrina , the decisive victory of the Super Bowl has brought glory not only for the city, David and Goliath made New Orleans people confidence..

Saints running back Reggie 1 - Bush said: "The other team had ever won the Super Bowl, and our city need this title, which makes this championship so special."

Saints defender Hapoel said: "Everyone knows what New Orleans sufferedit also made the victory even more special. This victory, we are really looking forward to a long."

New Orleans Saints owner Tom Benson said: "New Orleans has come back, we have declared to the world!"

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