Monday, May 3, 2010

Sports: make money or lose money?

What Women Want? Early morning, running on the road; no worrying about her shape, her family and her job but just be herself----touch the ground and relax and be confident. No games, just sports. That's what Marshall and Darcy do for Nike women's division in the film What Women Want. They make it and Nike helps Darcy get a job and promotion in the company. Of course, Marshall wins the beauty's heart. So I am reminded that: Do sports make money or just lose money? My answer is money doesn't always bring happiness, it does bring people good life. It is the same with sports. Just go out and make your living. Every day! Believe me, life is not so easy, but sometimes it is just so easy. Look at sports, you will find some answers.

Sportsmen earn money by sports

Look at Brooklyn Beckham, Romeo Beckham and Cruz Beckham, three boys, together with their father, David Robert Joseph Beckham, are shopping with their mother Victoria Beckham. Look! They are not twins, but like twins----They all wear Adidas. Finally I get to know that their father David Beckham has been a spokesperson for Adidas. Need they pay for their attractive sportswear? Yes. Their father can do that for them because he has earned money by advertising Adidas. Huge money!

Sports are good. Sports do bring you money. Disagree? Wait! Do you know Michael Jordan? Do you know he has Jordan Sportswear? Then you must have faith in one thing: money is good and sports bring you money. It is said that Kobe Bryant earns 4 million every year as a professional basketball player of NBA. But he can earn 40 million by advertisements. What helps him make money? The answer is Sports. Firstly, he is a sportsman. Secondly, he is a successful sportsman. Thirdly his sportsmanship helps him earn the advertisements. And finally he earns his fame and his good life. Even when he divorces his wife, he can pay maintenance to his wife. No offence. But Kobe is really a playboy.

Ok, back to the battle ground---wearing NFL jersey, the fans make shouting for their favorite teams and players---New Orleans Saints, Indianapolis Colts and such like. We know that big businesses have been made before the Super Bowl----sportswear. Sportswear, sports shoes or sneakers have become colorful and fashion-oriented, even though some sports ideas never caught on. Can you say making money is irrelevant to sports? When people's attention is given to Victoria Beckham, their attention is also given to the fashion, which is led by Victoria. And then some girls begin to adore her and follow her dressing style, especially when she goes to cheer her husband on in the football games. Then you make money and you realize the charming of sports. When you wear cheap NFL jersey, you know you love it because you love NFL, but you don't realize you are losing money---for tickets and for what you wear. Take it easy! You have helped make money for someone or some group, you earn yourself joy and excitement. Yes, you are a consumer, you pay for it.

Fitness Centers make money by sports

Are you attending an aerobic class? Or do you think it a good idea to join a fitness center? Yes, you need to workout. You need to lose some weight---A little exercise would do you good. Everyone knows this. No matter who you are----a company's boss, a schoolteacher, a sportsman----you need to exercise--- to keep shape, to stay healthy and to be attractive. And then you help fitness centers make money when you pay for it.

Then you know what? Exercise machine helps you earn money---a job. Factories producing exercise machines set up to offer you jobs. Moreover, your personal trainer is as important as your personal doctor. And you help your personal trainers make money. Look , how great you are. That is a rule-----you need to obey it.

Nike and Adidas and such like earn money by sports

When the first woman athlete broke away from traditional sportswear, she was definitely the Mother of fashion-oriented sportswear. She deserves it. Without her, it would have been a long time before the sportswear became fashionable. And when the door of fashion is opened, it can never be easily closed. Then Nike, Adidas, Jordan and so on go into your daily life. Then you welcome the sports shoes or sneakers and sports bags as well. You help many people make money, maybe including yourself. For sports has offered millions of millions of people jobs. To help them support their family, teach them how to live a better life and to be rich. No jokes, but sports-----make money for you. What is money? Money does not always bring happiness, but without money you will never live a good life. So it is with sports.

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