Tuesday, June 8, 2010

After the WorldCup Joe Cole joined the shooter, Weekly earnings reach £ 90,000

British media reported on the 7th that Joe Cole will be joining Arsenal after the World Cup.
Joe Cole and Chelsea’s renewal has not smooth before, the contract between Joe Cole and Chelsea is the end of June this year, due to salary agreement could not be reached, both parties do not intend to continue on the present. Chelsea has officially withdrawn after Joe Cole’s contract negotiations with.
In Carlo Ancelotti's men, not many opportunities for Joe Cole, which strengthened the effectiveness of his departure has been the determination of 7-year for Chelsea. Last week, Joe Cole with Chelsea for the final negotiations, told the blue to a free transfer after the World Cup itself. Including Manchester United, Arsenal, Manchester City and Tottenham, including many clubs want to sign the name of free technical midfielder.
But Joe Cole personally prefers the gunmen, because as a Londoner, Joe Cole did not want to leave their home. British media said, although Joe Cole has basically decided to join Arsenal after the World Cup, but both sides still have differences in annual salary. Joe Cole and Chelsea before the contract is an important reason for the failure of annual salary. The requirements of his 100,000 weekly talks to Chelsea have given up, but Arsenal do not want to damage the team's salary structure, therefore, after all, 90,000 dollars a week is considered a maximum salary at Arsenal.
However, "the Sunday Mirror newspaper," said the two sides on the pay now and will not cause much controversy, Joe Cole will be a smooth four-year contract with Arsenal. As for the weekly question, "Daily Mail" revealed that the final weekly should be £ 90,000.

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