Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Is it a wag

Tans, T-shirts and text messages - Cheryl Cole (then partner of Ashley Cole Watch) Coleen McLoughlin (Wayne Rooney girlfriend) and Victoria Beckham,    England vs. Trinidad and Tobago at the 2006 World Cup. Photo: PAI happened, some of Richard Bacon and Peter Crouch the shocking moments in the history of the World Cup draw last night.
Most shocking to me is that the birth of the WAG, or even the final cut.

Related Article World documentary Wise film fashion wags Cup BBC World Cup words slum women split England WAGs Gerrard veto denies WAG wins World Cup squadCapello approval Surely Wagdom images in full swing, armed with money and stick with tools, with hair extensions, acrylic nails, the killer heels, high cruise Sunglasses , handbags and even great-great-er, more skirts, should have carried a warning, were worth mentioning, if only for crimes committed against the way, let alone nature.
Indeed, the vivid memories of Baden-Baden in 2006, disturbing and shocking enough for Fabio Capello was trying to a Wag-Free World Cup for England in South Africa to impose, no, I'm sure, beyond any sense of outrage in the clothing, but mostly because I did not want a repeat of the tail wagging the dog.
But probably not necessary. At this stage, is about two WAGs much chance of success than second SATC
The World Cup seems enough of a WAG-free zone, even without drastic measures Capello. taken the age, divorce, broken relationships, personal injury, trade commitments, career and family, have or take their toll.
Victoria Beckham, once known as the queen of the wags will not be there because David did not play. Coleen Rooney, once seen as heir to Posh apparently decided to stay home with your new baby, Kai. Call Me Cheryl Tweedy, the former wife of Ashley Cole, has left the building. Ellen Rives split with Frank Lampard, it will not, and whether to let the new understanding of midfield, obligations Christine Bleakley of BBC, is by his leash a moot point. Melanie Slade is a fairly non-boot, too, was because her boyfriend Theo Walcott in the England team left.
Let striker Peter Crouch beautiful girlfriend, Abbey Clancy, Carly sugar, the coach and the wife of the attack in midfield player, Joe Cole, Alex Curran, wife of Steven Gerrard and Toni Poole, the wife of John Terry.
But four pep up shakes, even if a handful of aspiring WAG in the wings. From this original group, only Abbey Clancy, who was an accidental modeling assignment in South Africa, hook a certainty.
However, these early days, and only one Louis Vuitton bag was unzipped, or Book of Bollywood. If England play Algeria, Slovenia, United States and possibly in Ghana, either in the quarters and that's where the quake could be based on the warpath again.
English players are to remain in their training camp in Bafokeng, just 14 miles conditioned limo ride away, the glittering glamorous six-star Palace of the Lost City at Sun City Hotel (a suite with Jacuzzi, indoor and called on the balcony) - a sanctuary for Wagdom if there ever was one.
Keep shaking the World Cup? Capello is also likely that England is a gateway to one shot on goal.

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