Friday, June 18, 2010

Draft report of the Cincinnati Bengals

The Cincinnati Bengals will seem quite competitive season really poor in terms of performance. Season 38 of the Bengals have won a team score of 7-9 and defeat, not to see a historically low level, but something to be proud. In 2008, the Bengals hope that his now is the theme of the new season brings more success. How are you doing? It depends on how you interpret the part of the team in the NFL Draft in 2008.
From the beginning, the Bengals four other teams at the loss of some players had to compensate. The last programming team includes linebacker Keith Rivers University of Southern California, the receiver Jerome Simpson from Coastal Carolina defensive Pat Sims of addressing Auburn, receiver Andre Caldwell of Florida, Anthony Collins offensive against Kansas and defensive tackle Jason Shirley of Fresno State. Another problem for the Bengals Chad Johnson, has recently changed and now the officials refuse to participate in training camp and perhaps the entire season, if not acted. The project will be enough to save the Bengals? Reaction media for Draft still divided. Some have the objectives of the writing team where the defense was not designed criticized.
Linebacker Keith Rivers was calibrated choose well, while Jerome Simpson had the most power of a person in 2008 Senior Bowl. Pat Sims promised in their size and youth, while Anthony Collins and Jason Shirley have continued. This project is a few years after the period 2005-2006, to judge a project by many as the worst in history for Team, was quickly violated the players arrested or suspended or considered. The period 2007-2008 is regarded as a fateful return to the season, more than a few players and the drop in big games.
Chris Henry for eight games was (almost half of the season), after some scuffle with the police suspended while Odell Thurman was suspended and then you can with the Bengals on 28th Working on 21 January 2008 April 2008 restored. The Bengals have him back, but he retired shortly after. After he was cut by the Bengals Odell his second test and now faces a possible suspension indefinitely by the league. Levi Jones and AJ Nicholson have been involved in controversies in the field related to personal disputes.
While four other players were inactive for more honorable reasons, his absence still hurts the team. These include David Pollack will not return before 2009, Kenny Irons, who on the injured list, his rookie season and Chris Perry to meet on the PUP list (not physical) is.
As the Bengals see in 2008? The team faces a difficult schedule and a loyal audience with the expectations of decline. Nevertheless, some other teams as much drama as the Bengals in the last two years and the storms have played first before we can go to reconstruction. However, is 7-9 not so bad, given a score that nothing changed for the better in five years.

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