Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Which Team is the Most Dangerous Contenders For The Soccer Worldcup

The national team of Brazil has its own name against five World Cup soccer tournaments after the only team that has participated in 19 games. With statistics like these, no wonder they are regarded as one of the favorites for the World Cup in South Africa 2010.

Brazil hosted the World Cup in 1950, the devastation they have been in the final against Uruguay ended crushed. As a confirmation of his disappointment, the Brazilian soccer team has never used white football jerseys this year. In 1958 in Sweden to win the first team to the World Cup in another continent.
The ultimate performance of the football team of Brazil was the 1970 World Cup in Mexico, where he earned his third victory in World Cup football. Unfortunately, this would continue until victory in the U.S. 1994 World Cup.

In 1998, France in World Cup football, a place once again as a favorite, but this is not the case of the infamous story of Ronaldo at the top of all the attention. But in 2002, after Ronaldo was acquitted, was forgotten in the Korea / Japan World Cup soccer and the new Brazilian soccer team to the challenge and won the championship.

The Brazilian soccer team is solid and has a penetration rate of talent. With Spain, are back to win place in 2010 in South Africa to World Cup favorites for the Jules Rimet trophy.

It is very difficult to highlight some of the players of the Brazilian soccer team, full of talent. But during the football season in Brazil in 2009, a few stories stood out from the crowd. For starters, goalkeeper Julio Cesar traffic, which has played in 18 World Cup tournaments.
His hands are of course still an essential element for the success of the team. Kaka proved to be a source of inspiration for the Brazilian national football team after his performance during the fabulous 2009 season of football in Brazil, that his complaint be held worthy of the Golden Ball from adidas. And, of course, Luis Fabiano world-class performance with five goals, including a valuable support to their defeat in the U.S. and scored 9 goals in World Cup football to their name.

31st October 1963 in Uji, Brazil, Carlos Caetano Verri Bledorn (better known as Dunga known) is no stranger to soccer in Brazil. As a mid fielder intense and powerful that Dunga has had its share of emotions as a Football Player of the Brazilian team. At age 30, captain of the team to victory in the U.S. World Cup 1994th

After six years of retirement, took over the responsibility as a coach Dunga of Brazil's soccer club in August 2006, despite his bad experiences coaching. In its first few months has received a lot of negativity, as a result of alternative style. However, it has a large part of the reserve, as he led a Canarinhos to glory in the Copa America 2007 and Confederations Cup 2009 and will top their group in South Africa 2010 World Cup qualifying games have been. Dunga has reiterated that he will retire after this season, said, so we'll see what comes of it, and that his successor. Someone is speculation at this time.

- The World Cup 2010 in South Africa crystallized the Brazilian football team 19th successive World Cup final World Cup are the only countries that took place at all football games of the World Cup.
- Brazil is proud to be the only country that Jules Rimet Cup hold five times: 1958, 1962, 1970, 1994 and 2002. In his 92 games played, 64 wins, 14 defeats and 14 draws.
- During the 15th June 2008 and 11 October 2009 is equal to the national team of Brazil, of 19 without defeat.

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