Thursday, June 24, 2010

My Dream: HEICO SPORTIV Volvo C30,She's Pretty!

2010 HEICO SPORTIV Volvo C30 1.6D DRIVe - Duo View
Volvo tuner HEICO SPORTIV has unveiled the new tuning program for the new 2010 Volvo C30 1.6D DRIVe Facelift. The reprogramming of the original engine control unit generates a maximum power of 92 kW/125 bhp (for the 80 kW/109 bhp model) and maximum torque of 280 Nm (240 Nm). As a result, the Volvo C30 1.6D DRIVe does zero to 100 km/h in just 9.2 seconds, beating its series-produced counterpart by 2.1 seconds! A maximum speed of 200 km/h is also attainable, 10 km/h faster than the series version.
2010 HEICO SPORTIV Volvo C30 1.6D DRIVe - Front Side View2010 HEICO SPORTIV Volvo C30 1.6D DRIVe - Rear Side View
The HEICO SPORTIV Volvo C30 1.6D DRIVe features a remodeled design elements at the front and rear. The HEICO SPORTIV front spoiler – which replaces the original lower base section of the bumper – consists of fiber-strengthened polyurethane and is fixed using the existing anchorage points. The same applies to the rear valence which mimics the front spoiler’s laterally arranged air vents and has a centrally placed diffuser element. The rear valence serves to accommodate the HEICO SPORTIV four pipe stainless steel exhaust system.
The Volvo C30 1.6D DRIVe is available from HEICO SPORTIV with a starting price tag of ca. EUR 29,900; the parts will naturally also be deliverable individually from spring 2010.

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