Saturday, June 19, 2010

Bad fathers and little me

My father and little me, in the brief before.s&k
Of all the generations, the parents all of the emotional dimensions of good intentions and say, have helpful, hopeless, and degraded decent, good and bad.
All products are of her own childhood, good and bad. It is a mystery how to overcome some, while others, such as chaos in the next generation.
 A friend, father and daughter today.

Father's Day in my childhood was not celebrated with love, but the irony. Life with Father was a nightmare. It was a bi-polar self, angry drunk, insulting. Hallmark cards for those who do not.

If only. suggestive allusion was a preferred mode of communication. Winner obscenity others. A nod, a glance, a touch increases to the chest, a pinch of a slow process, on a soft ground.

Yes, you wind. Imagine how it felt to be a lot of attention. Image of a child, desperate father's love and recognition, without knowing it, what more of the same. An innocent peasants, a boy, manipulated into participating in a twisted behavior of adults.

Cue pictures of Vanity Fair Miley and Billy Ray Cyrus.

No, I do not blame Billy Ray Cyrus of child abuse. But what happened, what he did, came dangerously close to abuse.

My mother and father. similar pose, an opposite effect. All the love, not sex.

Every time I see 15 years photos from Miley and her father, I gag. And I want to know where her father, Miley has done everything to be topless and wrapped in a sheet of a sudden solo?

Sorry, a 15-year-olds in a leaf?

Annie Leibovitz or not, these photos are not art, is the holding-posing nervousness. Some things are totally unacceptable ... mostly pictures of teenagers in the intimate photos with his father openly.

Do you and your father? Or your daughter? Would you like to travel with you, on or behind the camera? Would you like to allow - indeed encourage - semi-nude pictures of her teenage daughter, who has shone in all the media?

Of course not. But you're not a country singer with a gold mine for the next generation washed in the back pocket. What do you keep close to Waay-Achy Breaky Heart.

Miley Cyrus is a young girl in a company that creates, then more exposed sexpot teens chews and spits directly in the detoxification. been growing in his early youth the opportunity to have good conditions.

Now it is probably too late.

Instead of protecting its Miley's parents sold to the highest bidder - Vanity Fair - and dad came in the fun!

I Skeeve image Miley Billy. Not because I'm prudish. Not because of my past. Because these photos were intentionally sex father and daughter. And because the magazine Vanity Fair, Disney and Miley's parents decided to post it in this context.

Sex sells. Controversy sells. But. The message reads as follows ... Miley all emerging young in various stages of budding sexuality to act super cool sexy. Even with his father. Especially with his father. MAL.

Of course father hug and kiss their girls in all innocence, and many acts of love as in a number of family photos taken.

Nevertheless, few parents are willing to help, including consideration of the publication of photos that seem to celebrate Daddy's Little Ho

Look at this picture. And the rest of the magazine Vanity Fair. If, for example, or a normal father-teenage daughter for you? Yeesha.

And by the way, someone has to read the trouble, the article in Vanity Fair? Skeeve author, even by the Cyrus clan and frightening surprised by the maturity of Miley child-woman.

And he  told Vanity Fair, she tried to make Hannah Montana SATCteen tribute. This is not sex, she assured us, only friendship.

Sheet. Seriously. Sheet.

I am a certified baby-boomers (who invented the open sexuality, remember). But I draw the line on an observation of 15 years, which discuss a porn show for adults, intimate details of her sex life and participation in the soft core.

Neither Miley nor any other young person can understand or deal with the complexity of sexuality and adult relationships - they should not.

One wonders, Mama to see SATC with her? Did you know that daddy? What parents would be comfortable about it? A badly.

Our son has grown up in an open house to welcome all questions and answers. And with many hugs and kisses. But he and I would not sit comfortably viewed together before the television graphic sex scenes, not to ask how we were a.

Not that there's nothing wrong with having sex. He learned the value of sexual intimacy. But he has also taught him to value the importance of privacy, personal space and appropriate boundaries.

There are not cut a number of mothers and children. This line is more defined for fathers and daughters.

Our son also mature enough to 26 to explicit images of a 15-year-old concern, not sexy. Especially with his father.

His answer to the image: They look like ad posters Bad Touch  . Could not agree more.

Parents should educate their children about sex, but not for Show and Tell.

Sexuality in adolescence is not so crazy in this country. Billy Miley Cyrus pictures only make the issue more real way. And sad. Especially when child abuse is endemic.

I am not at all to this goal. But even if my color experience of my distaste for the behavior Cyrus a good reason. This was seen in public, raised and managed by a group of adults. Too suggestive of true evil lurks in the shadows.

No matter how innocent Billy and true account of the father-daughter Miley, believe me, the film adaptation of  Vanity Fair  and pictures are affected. And to stay with her. Not in the right direction.

There are worse parents Billy Ray Cyrus. Mine was one. Perhaps your. We read about the terrible every day. But Billy Ray the father of a girl with an enormous range and a strong influence on young minds is to impress. Including yours.


He should know better, we want better for her sexploitation. Certainly better than knowledge, to visit each other.

That is the lesson here. Father's Day is to celebrate love and respect. Difficult to give, unless Father, you gave it.

What my father goes wrong, the real story here is bad, you can decide for yourself ..

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